Watch Two and a Half Men Season 2 Episode 4
"Go Get Mommy's Bra"
Original Air Date:

Alan gets jealous when Jake is impressed with his mother's new boyfriend, Dr. Melnick. Meanwhile, Evelyn borrows Charlie's car to impress her client, a Saudi prince.

Watch Desperate Housewives Season 1 Episode 2
"Ah, But Underneath"
Original Air Date:

Edie crashes Mike's dinner date with Susan; Gabrielle realizes her gardener is taking their fling too seriously; Bree forces Rex to go to therapy; Lynette resorts to drastic measures to keep her kids in line.

Watch Venture Brothers Season 1 Episode 10
"Tag Sale - You're IT!"
Original Air Date:

Dr. Venture attempts to raise some cash by selling his father's old scientific equipment at a yard sale that attracts super-villains.

Watch One Tree Hill Season 2 Episode 3
"Near Wild Heaven"
Original Air Date:

Although Nathan and Haley are already married, Tim insists on throwing Nathan a post-wedding bachelor bash, while Brooke gives Haley a ba...

Watch Two and a Half Men Season 2 Episode 3
"A Bag Full of Jawea"
Original Air Date:

When Jake gets in trouble for giving his teacher the middle finger, Charlie tries to help by romancing his teacher.

Watch Desperate Housewives Season 1 Episode 1
Original Air Date:

Mary Alice Young commits suicide one day in her house. She narrates the story of her family, friends and neighbors from her point of view.

Watch Venture Brothers Season 1 Episode 9
"Are You There God? It's Me, Dean"
Original Air Date:

The Monarch has the Venture family captured but must release them when Dean suffers from testicular tortion. Dr. Venture takes him to the Quizboy and Mr. White to have the problem corrected.

Watch Scrubs Season 4 Episode 5
"Her Story"
Original Air Date:

In an episode narrated by Elliot she begins to doubt Molly being the best mentor when she finds out her boyfriend is a convicted felon.

Watch One Tree Hill Season 2 Episode 2
"Truth Doesn't Make A Noise"
Original Air Date:

With the assistance of Peyton and Brooke, Lucas throws Nathan and Haley a wedding reception. Although Haley's parents support the marria...

A Conversation With Weevil
Watch Veronica Mars Season 1 Episode 2
"Credit Where Credit's Due"
Original Air Date:

Veronica and Wallace help clear Weevil's grandmother of fraud while Logan's new girlfriend, Caitlin Ford does her best to make Veronica's life miserable on Veronica Mars.