Watch How I Met Your Mother Season 2 Episode 21
"Something Borrowed"
Original Air Date:

By the time their wedding day arrives, nothing turns out as Lily and Marshall have planned. Barney steps in to help save the day.

Rick Confesses His Love
Watch Desperate Housewives Season 3 Episode 21
"Into the Woods"
Original Air Date:

Susan heads into the woods to find Mike and he has to rescue her; Lynette fires Rick after he confesses his love to her.

Smothering Magazine
Watch The Simpsons Season 18 Episode 19
"Crook and Ladder"
Original Air Date:

When reading a parenting magazine, Marge throws away Maggie's pacifier. However, when the pacifier is thrown in the trash, Maggie goes on a path of destruction.

Watch Entourage Season 3 Episode 17
"Return of the King"
Original Air Date:

Vince has another chance to star in Medellin, but only if Ari and producer Nick Rubenstein can make the deal happen in time.

The Other Side of This Life Photo
Watch Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Episode 22
"The Other Side of This Life"
Original Air Date:

"She's gone. " That's all Richard has to say when Mark asks about Addison's whereabouts. She's taken a leave of absence from Seattle Gra...

Watch The Office Season 3 Episode 21
"Women's Appreciation"
Original Air Date:

When a flasher surprises Phyllis in the Dunder Mifflin parking lot, Dwight does all he can to hunt down the offender and protect the ladi...

Henry and Nick Duel
Watch Ugly Betty Season 1 Episode 21
"Secretaries' Day"
Original Air Date:

In "Secretaries' Day," Betty organizes a party at The Middle Ages where she tries to earn money for Ignacio's trip to Mexico. Meanwhile, Alexis learns Rodrigo's true intentions and Wilhelmina visits Claire at prison.

The Pilot Photo
Watch Private Practice Season 1 Episode 1
"The Pilot"
Original Air Date:

"She's gone. " That's all Richard Webber has to say about Addison Montgomery's presence (or lack thereof) at Seattle Grace Hospital. At ...

Watch One Tree Hill Season 4 Episode 16
"You Call It Madness, But I Call It Love"
Original Air Date:

It's Prom night, but things start to go awry as Lucas discovers who was the person in the hallway when Keith was killed, and Psycho Derek...

Watch Two and a Half Men Season 4 Episode 22
"Mr. McGlue's Feedbag"
Original Air Date:

Alan asks Charlie to help Jake with his book report so that he can go to the DMV. Charlie ends up taking Jake to the race track while Alan gets conned at the DMV.