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If anyone read the books, can you please give me your impressions? What you liked and didn't like about them? A comparaison between show and books TVD?

Thanks in advance, have a great day. :)

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I didn't enjoy the first two books at ALL. So I didn't even bother reading the rest. As much as I hate Elena in the series, I completely despise her in the books. She has no personality on the show, but her personality in the book I find petty, shallow with absolutely no depth. Some people in this forum would crucify me for saying this but the book Elena reminds me alot about Teen Wolf's lead(who I absolutely loath). Caroline is terrible, Bonnie is boring, Meredith not worth mentioning(although she's not worth mentioning on the show as well). Damon is boring, along with Stefan. I don't understand Elena's attracton to either of them frankly. The only people who took a step down on the show were Matt and Vicky I think.


I've never found myself so disinterested in a book ever. I literally had to force myself to finish reading it. I'd rather read 50 shades than the book. That's how much I dislike it. If you're planning to read it,you may enjoy it if you like supernatural romance stories. Off course a show/book needs romance, but I don't enjoy anything that's all about romance and petty infatuation all the time. Thus my hatred for Twilight, Teen Wolf, Klaus and my disappointment with the second half of TVD's season 3

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Since there was a few threads already about this, I'll just repost:


99% of them is a completely different storyline than the show. The plot is okay, the characters are thousand times better, but the writing style of the books themselves (as in how its all worded and described) is usual teen-romance-novels stuff. 


There are no doppelgangers, although Katherine and Elena look somewhat similar, but not identical.  There are no "hybrids", nor original family. The setting is a lot more "full of magic stuff" in terms of what happens. There are more creatures than just vampires, witches and werewolves - we have fox demons, various demonic entities like spiders, witches, druids, originals, angels and possibly more. Elena dies twice - once due to Katherine causing a storm and crashing Elena's car, second time when killing Katherine(she pushes them both into sunlight and then dies, forcing Steffie and Damon to promise to take care of each other and stop trying to kill each other). She gets better, as after a year, after a series of horrifying nightmares that Bonnie gets, Elena returns as an angelic bieng, brought back by unknown forces, with new powers to face Klaus. 


Elena  is awesome. She is bassically a bit more ruthless vm veronica mars or btvs buffy. Awesome, ruthless, coldhearted egoist, but also gold hearted and a bit selfless for people she cares about. Very similar to book damon in character. Tends to walk over other people's heads to achieve what she wants. Tends to torture and be completely merciless to everyone who is not her friend and puts her friends in danger. Is smart, manipulative, sometimes unfeeling and very quick to anger. 


Matt is awesome. A soldier-type guy with sense of loyalty and morality. Pretty much puts actions of Elena, Damon and Steffan into an interesting perspective as the human POV. A moral compass of the books.


Bonnie is entirelly different character. A redheaded, playful innocent woman and Elena's best friend, who has her family roots in celtic druids.  You could say she is the most positive out of the group and someone who never looses her innocence and a bit childish nature, no matter the horrors she experiences


Tyler is a rapist and a serial killer.


Caroline is one of first Elena's adversaries - someone whom Elena is implied to have treated quite badly in school and someone who feels an intense hatred and jealousy towards Elena, because Elena, despite her ruthless nature tends to come out on top of any situation. 


Jeremy does not exist. Elena has a little sister, Margaret.  She is pretty much Elena's "human-anchor" and someone Elena wants to protect over anything else. 


Damon IS FRIGGIN AWESOME COLD HEARTED BADASS, almost as badass as elena. And he needs no friggin humanity and would not change what he is for the world. Shares many personality traits with Elena(including the whole cold-hearted jerk with heart of gold personality trait), generally feels guilty and responsible for how Elena turned out(Since after he, fearful for her life, forced her to drink his blood, Katherine caused a car crash killing her and unknowingly turning her that way)


Steffan is a lot more gray morality guy. Sure he does not eat people and likes humans and counts them as nice beings, but he in no way holds them equal to his existance. And he really enjoys ripping werewolves apart. Also, you, human or not, don't want to get on his bad side as he can be a very ruthless and terrorizing predator if you piss him off.


Meredith is about Elena's age, has been there since the first books, is awesome, challenges Elena on her bullshit and is secretly a vampire hunter and half-vampire on the hunt for Nicholaus, a mysterious ageless man responsible for the murder of her family, her own state and disappearance of her brother. Meredith also happens to have a "pretty little liars" kind of fling with Alaric, a teacher in her school. 


Katherine is batshit crazy sociopath and a full-on villain. Generally she is nice and innocent, but terribly broken mentally, as well as insane. A being whom Elena most likely hated the most due to Katherine having killed her. 


Klaus or Nichlaus is an entirelly different character - an "ageless" being, an "Original" who has been called by many names but most likely already has forgotten his own, since he has lived AT LEAST since the bronze age(which makes him at least 5000 years old). He is not bound by vampire rules and most of readers even doubt he is a vampire(even within the storyline there are hints that he might actually be Lucifer). Obessed with wars, having participated in every major war in human history. He is the person who drove Katherine insane and turned her (he got name Nichlaus in Katherine's village, as a name villagers coined for his brutal terror) and is the major adversary for Elena, since Elena killed Katherine. 


Sage is a mysterious man in the underworld who is implied to be amongst the oldest beings in the universe. Someone older and possibly stronger than Klaus. He has manipulated both Damon and elena from time to time, going towards his unknown motives and goals.  


DE is awesome in the books. Two very similar people with very similar interests and outlooks towards life.  SE is a lot better in the books because its in a sense similar to Katherine/Steffan of tv show and its far more dynamic(since it starts with Steffie REJECTING Elena's advances, for example).
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Overall, for me at least, the books are superior to the show, because characters are far more believable, likeable and badass. Its not something I would read nowadays since its a teenager-romance style novels, but I find them better than the show because of above reasons. 

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Sage was a dude in the book?

Meredith turning out to be a vampire hunter/half vampire seems interesting, in which book was this revealed, not the first two I hope.

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The books characters sound so much better. I would even give up the way Tyler and Caroline are on the TV and have the books descriptions of the characters instead.
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when did stefan rip a werewolve apart exactly? though i do remember him beating the shit out of tyler after he tried to rape elena (next to her parents' grave, duuude) and tortured him/almost cut his foot off with an axe and (almost, can't remember) killed some students when they were getting in his way.

also, great way to spoil the books for a newbie, bored now

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when did stefan rip a werewolve apart exactly? though i do remember him beating the shit out of

I do remember him ripping apart some werewolf, Matt going batshit scared and all "WTF YOU DOING DUDE" and Steffie delivering a hannibal lecture on something about hunters and the hunted or whatever.

Also there aws that talk:

“And you’re not even sorry? You don’t even regret it”

Why should I?” said Stefan coldly, emptily. “Do you regret it when you eat too much steak? Feel sorry for the cow?”

also, great way to spoil the books for a newbie, bored now 

the OP asked for comparisons and in-depth opinions. I gave exactly that. 


Sage was a dude in the book?

Sage was... no one knows what the fuck sage was. He seemed male, but it felt like he never ever ever was human to begin with(which seems to be reinforced when, when threatened he sprouted a huge reptillian/draconic wings) 


Meredith turning out to be a vampire hunter/half vampire seems interesting, in which book was this revealed, not the first two I hope. 

First three deal with Elena's turning and her struggle against Katherine. There are hints that there is something wrong with meredith and that something strange is going on, but it does not come into foreground till Klaus comes to avenge Katherine.

 The books characters sound so much better. I would even give up the way Tyler and Caroline are on the TV and have the books descriptions of the characters instead.

Meh, as despicable as Book-Caroline is I kind of pity her. All she really wanted was to get one over Elena and in the end Elena herself was the cause of Caroline loosing everything she ever cared about. 


Yeah, I would easily give up current iteration of characters for someone(NOT PLEC) doing a show based upon faithful iterations of those characters and without all the horrible bullshit that plagues this current TVD. 

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Thanks everyone for the answers. Special thanks to Charmed-Jenna (randon guess, fan of awkward? lol) and Bored Now. 

The characters seem stronger and better than the show. Urgh, how cool would it be if Plec stuck with book-Elena? No, actually if she stuck with ALL BOOK CHARACTERS -____-.


Was planning to give it a try, but after second thoughts, nah, not in the mood for teen-romance.

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Well in a nutshell the books in my opinion are 100 times more interesting and thrilling than the show:

1. There is a fine balance between the normal and supernatural, like there are normal human reactions to the supernatural stuff. And as the story continues and each character gets sucked into what is happening and is forced to accept all this vampire related stuff it does not mean that they are ok with it and they still question everythng.

2. The characters are great, no really.

Elena - is not perfect and she knows, she often uses her friends to get something that she wants and she may seem like she does not care but she know sher flaws and she would do anything for her friends, she always has a plan and she is a true leader. Also she is fearless and she is able to defend herself.

Stefan is more of a high morals kind of guy, I guess because in the books he was born during the Reneissance era, he is very decent and to him being a vampire is a true tragedy. He hates being who he is. His relationship with Damon is very straigned and he always wants to do the right thing. 

Damon is so awesome in the books, I can't even properly explain it. First of all he is not that guy who gets through life with sarcastic jokes and he does not pine for women. Even Katherine. He is a vampire by nature really. He embraces it 120%, he is a true predator by choice, he despies humans, thinks very low of them and he really sees them as toys. Having said all that he is very staight-forward and if he says he will do something he will. Also if he takes interest he will protect those who are "dear" to him. 

Bonnie is a funny and cute character, she seems like she is scared all the time but she will do anything for her friends, however she does not get used as a plot device. Her skills as a witch are really useful and she has the most brilliant ideas

Meredith is a very cool chick. She always gives her opinion, she is not very big on trusting people however, she is like a loyal soldier to Elena, always a good friend and she is never scared to do anything. Also she is one of the only girls on whom Damon has no effect at all, and she is like the one who maintains a balance between all these characters

Matt is very strong character in the book. He is a very good friend to Elena and he is always useful, however he is not affraid to tell the truth and he often lets Elena in on her behaviour, and you can actually care for him.

Caroline is a self-absorbed troubled girl, seeking attention

Tyler is total dick

Klaus is an actual threat

3. The love triangle is much more entertaining in the books because Elena herself is person with two identities - she has a light and a dark side, for which each Salvatore is a perfect suitor. With Stefan she enjoys life as it is but with Damon she feels like she can do anything. Honestly I could understand why there was a triangle in the books. Also there is not that much emphasis on when will SE or DE have multiple sex sessions. In the books it really goes deeper than that, its baout really understanding each other.

Also in terms of romance, Damon has an interesting relationship with Bonnie, which many Bamon fans call as the perfect one, because Damon always refers to her as his little red bird, whom he wants to protect and it thrills him how she is not affraid of him and he even saves her life at one point.

So overall, the books just have better storlines and there are always surprises, and you really care for the characters who are in the circumstances they are, and events like Elena's death were a real tragedy because it happened in such a brutal way and unfair way, Katherine killed her mercilessly, and the fact when she became a vampire you could feel for her struggle. Also the books kind of keep the amount of people who knnow about the vampires to a minimum and that is why it is so difficult for the characters. Elena has a very close relationship with her little sister and her aunt, and loosing her human life made her re-evalue everything she had.

I know that a lot of people think the books are for teenagers and are very goooie but you know comparing to how the show lost track of good story lines and character development and has a main goal of getting characters into bed with each other....I would say the books are way more mature about the subject of the supernatural and how it affects life.

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