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I put all my bets on Damon.


At first I thought it may be Tyler, too, but after Nina said it was going to affect Elena/Stefan/Damon...let's face it; not one of them gives a flying fuck cares much about Tyler. Too bad; I wouldn't mind having Tyler out of picture. He doesn't have any decent storyline since round about latter half of S3.


So it's most probably one of the main trio. As much as I'd be so unbeliavably happy like that it is Elena, JP would never kill her precious Golden Vagina, so...


I don't see them killing Stefan, either.


Leaves us with Damon. As you probably know, Damon died in the books, too. Considering how lately TVD follows some book storylines, it wouldn't surprise me if they killed him--for just a short time, ofc. They'll bring him back in a few eps because as you know, resurrection is the new big thing in TVD. Plus, I think killing Damon is the only way they can get away from that sire bond thing.

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Either Damon or Jeremy IMO 

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Yeah, Jeremy...forgot about him. My ideal scenario for Jer's death would be Klaus compelling Elena to do it. Yeah, it would be repetitive, but on the other side...Revenge. For. Kol.

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I say Damon. It would be nice to see him die by Stefan's hands...but we all know thats not gonna happen. Sire bond thingy will be resolved that way. They'll probably follow the books and make him human. 

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i think Jeremy and maybe one of the brothers get involved to his death or Damon dies and has to take the cure to be alive again.

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Damon or Jeremy.

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I am betting on Caroline dying because that would a HUGE death....

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Most likely Jeremy.

Ian and Candice have been filming non stop since they resumed production in Jamuary. If Damon or Caroline had died, you'd think the actors would get *some* rest. Not to mention that Damon is the show's star, there's no way he would miss even one episode. Unless he stays in the show to hang out with ghost-whisperer Jeremy for the rest of the season? Eh, lame.

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Considering how lately TVD follows some book storylinescan we please stop bullshiting?

This could not have been further away from truth. 

Second half of S1 is AS CLOSE as this show ever got to the book plots. 





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ELENA but I am biased she killed my hubby bubby so there

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