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I am actually curious as to what people actually like about this show? 

and why do you still watch it if you hate all the storylines, characters etc. ? 

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The major draw for TVD audience has always been the OTHER storylines not connected to love triangle. People were more interested in Elena's search for real parents, History of katherine,  rings, etc, than in love triangle in first season. Msitery on why Katherine and Elena look alike also was a major theme for fan interest and a lot of people expected a LOT of character development for elena in this. 

Since Second season the "other storylines" pretty much means the ensemble darkhorse of the show, Caroline.

A lot of people cared for her since the first season because she was a very realistic, flawed character who actually developed through the show. Through her journey of overcoming her complexes and insecurities she became the fan and press favorite even before her turning into vampire. 

Around mid-s2, forwood was added into the mix as the only really natural and normal pairing of the show - no abuse, no love triangles, no bullshit. Just two newbies of their races figuring stuff out and helping each other, developing as people.  



to cut it short, as show progressed the main characters and the main triangle deteriorated faster and faster, a the same expanding and taking up more screentime, At the same time, somewhere around S2 episode "Masquerade" the writing quality started diving down, hit its lowest point during sacrifice storyline and kept going down through S3.


People started getting less of the things they were interested in and more of bad writing(love triangle, Bella Swan of the show Elena Gilbert, etc), thus more and more complaints as the worse parts of the show increased in size and better parts decreased.


Somewhere in S3 people started to notice a worrying theme surrounding the writing of season three - there was no direction.  For majority of this season the show has been standing still, finding itself in ened to retcon or duplicate plot devices due to lack of foresight.


As a result, personally me, and a whole lot of other people here watch the show purely for Caroline's scenes, having no interest in Elena, Steffdward, Damon or the main "plto".  Some also stay for shallow fanservice of people getting naked.


the question arises then, how long will Caroline and fanservice will be enough for those people like me and majority of fanbase here to keep watching the show? How long till overall stupidity of already mediocre show far outweighs the enjoyment we get from Caroline? 

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^ And the answer to your question(@BoredNow), is thursdays episode. This was such a horrific mess. Personally, i will watch this season out, and then that's it. . .

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I don't hate ALL the story lines or all the characters, just those that don't make sense and there are so many fuzy details that sometimes I feel like the writers are just forcing me to accept that certain things happen simply because.


If you ask me what happened in s2 of TVD and what was the main storyline there, I could explain it, however, ask me the same thing about s3 and I will have to prepare and make you a diagram to attempt to explain everything. My main criticism with s3 is that the writers sort of started out well, I really did enjoy the first few episodes, but ever since the Reckoning, I personally started loosing track of the events and I started worrying that as half the season passed - there was still no clear direction as to where the season is going and WHY? Season 3 was promised to be the season of the Originals however at some point there was only Klaus and Rebekah and then they threw the whole mother load of them at us, to which I reacted by thinking "Ok, and why?". As for the storylines, it was all a big mess...for example, why did the spend time talking about how bad ass Michael was when he barelly appeared in the episodes and then they just killed him of? Ok, then there is the whole army of hybrids story, to which I am still waiting for an explanation...why are we just supposed to accept that Klaus is making hybrids simply because. Then there is Esther...and then there were millions of spells to bind and unbind the Originals, then there is the blood line...then there were the murders happening...then there is the possesive Gilbert ring story... I don't know about you but, honestly, I am confused by all of this because I don't see any UNITING point in any of this. 


Now for the I have to be very brutal because I have read the TVD books and seeing that the show attempts to create as much excitement as the books did but with completely different characters -annoys the hell out of me. Elena is a very dull character in theshow, yet they try to make her seem like she can be a bad ass..and as if she has a dark side like book Elena. What was the point of her training this season if she always needs someone else to save her? She first acts and then thinks, and as a result other people get hurt and this goes on a regular basis. Klaus was an interesting and really badass in s2 and early s3...and then suddenly he is a tortured artist, who fancies Caroline having seen her maybe twice before...Damon, a character was true to book Damon in s1, was such a let down in s2, especially after he admitted to missing being human...that line killed his character for me, as he became this sad bad boy hoping that his puppy sad eyes will make Elena love him. With Stefan they are not doing a better job either, they keep on jumping between him being good and bad and its like they can't figure what they want for him...Then they decided to introduce other book characters into the show, fan fav Meredith and Sage, but also failed at writing them properly - strong and confident vampire hunter book Meredith is introduced as a doctor healing humans with vampire blood and Sage is Damon's Lexie, who taught him how to treat women like food and in love with the saddest Original - Finn. 


Overall, I just feel like the writers take on too much and throw at us so much information that we are left with interpreting our why is Esther so powerful? Why can she do all those things? Why introduce other Originals if their sole purpose was to appear in like 2 or 3 episodes? Why did they have to kill Michael, why was he such a threat even if he would have killed Klaus? Why does Klaus need a hybrid army? Does that mean there is someone else stronger than him? These are the questions and themes I felt like the show should have gone into...instead every week is an episode about keepin the Originals from dying or trying to kill them the next episode. 


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I agree with everything! 

The thing is that in season 1 the main storyline was the tomb vampires and Katherine and getting to know the characters a little bit! In season 2, it was all about Klaus and the werewolves and the sacrifice and Damon's feelings for Elena and Caroline and even though I didn't like many things about season 2, it all made sense! What I mean is that piece by piece we got to the sacrifice and the break of the curse! Everything had it's purpose! Then season 3 came and nothing makes sense! I still don't understand what was the point of the ghosts storyline other than bringing Anna back because the fans loved her! But that was so stupid! Yes the fans loved Anna and were sad that she died but her death proved that the writers weren't afraid to take that step and not listen to the fanbase! Her coming back in season 3 was completely pointless! Also, season 3 was supposed to be the season of the Originals but it's all about Klaus and Rebekah! They pussified Klaus and Rebekah (even though I like her) is useless! The writers only focus on the love triangle which most of the fans agree that it's ruining the show! Yes the fangirls fight daily over Delena or Stelena but most of them agree that the show is not about the love triangle! The way it was in season 1 was the best! The love story was still there but it was not forced and that's why people loved it so much!

I just don't know anymore! The spoilers say that the finale will be shocking and blah blah blah but I belive nothing! The last episode was supposed to be shocking too and I honestly couldn't care less!  

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I am actually curious as to what people actually like about this show? 

and why do you still watch it if you hate all the storylines, characters etc. ? 

how many times do I want to repeat my fucking self?   it's all about the FAPPING to me when it comes to this show. FAP FAP FAP   men on this show are SEX ON LEGS. PERIOD     
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I lold hard @ Glenna lmfao. First I just watched for forwood, then for klaroline, and now neither because forwood got boring and klaroline is ruinedddddd
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llul bby i love forwood too but plecky doesnt keep us happy for a long time when it comes to that ship

thats why i said fap fap fap

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Any show that lasts long begins to be boring.

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