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Oh Lord! What's become of this show.. The Staff should be sensitive enough to avoid getting into such squabbles, dont they have PR or something! Totally riddiculous behaviour on their part! Matt Davis sounds like the ultimate douche! How tactless and stupid on his part, maybe he just wanted to spark controversy as usual but this is going too far!!.. JP has become totally unproffessional, she should grow a thicker skin and learn to take critique, and also be aware that such outbursts are detrimental to her show and fans are starting to lose respect.. Grow up people!

Exactly, otherwise they shouldn't be in this business if that is the way the handle matters.

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I had to post this when I saw it on twitter! Lol FUCKIPEDIA® (@FUCKIPEDIA) I laugh every time i imagine an old guy saying "in my day vampires were scary, now they're gay male models. Vampires suck blood, not cock"
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trlololololol see u whos the troll now

at least angelus not angel was hot and scary

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(I know this is old but)

Ok, I joined this site just so I could say this; this is ridiculous. A ship is made when two characters have a connection with each other. Damon and Elena; understandable. Stefan and Elena; understandable. Even Rebecca and Stefan or Damon is freaking understandable; they have all made some kind of interaction with eachother.


But Kol and Bonnie? They haven't done nothing(!), they barely made eye contact. No they've never made eye contact. I'm pretty sure. The only time they've been together, hmm- fan made, photoshopped images(!).


And Kennet? (sorry but whut?) Ships are supposed to make you smile at the overload of cuteness, (Stelena for me), or passion , (Delena for me), not vomit. (I'm talking personally now) It's not because it sounds weird though-which it does- it's because it has no LOVE, FEELINGS or that SPARK behind it. [Ships, fandoms whatever] should make you smile, and fangirl’ okay. Not cringe xP


But seriously, Kennet sound like some lame [fake & unrealistic] highschool pairing- "Omg Bonnie ur like, totattly hot, and Kol is like, totattly hot, let's like, pear u guuys up. You guys like, never had, like a conversation, hung out, or like, have any reason 2 go out 2gether but like, who cares, ur bowth hot & kol's a like, vampire(foot ball player), i mean a orgeginal vampire (pro football player) and ur a cheerleader(witch) and willz so like, be popular 2getha! ur perfect fer eachother. bai"


Let's not forget that doing that would be so out of character. Have we loyal, tvd, "Kennet" fans forgotten that Bonnie hates vampires...? Kinda.. but still..Kol? Like my friend Julie stated, a murderous vamp,  who is bro bro of a now murderous hybrid, who tried to kill her BFF Elena? Yeah right..


I don't mean for {ship discrimination?] but that's basically what you’re saying Julie has a case of. And no, I'm not saying that because I want bonnie or kol with someone else; I find the good things in every logical fandom.

I mean, that's like telling them to put I don't know, Hayley and Damon together. Besides the fact that Damon use to get with any one he could, they would not make a good couple. I mean, have they even met yet? I don't think so. Therefore, shipping them just because they would look so 'perfect' together (And because we love the idea of Phoebe and Ian working together) is just..crazy.


Tweeting about someone's death? I mean, I get TVD is her favorite show but really? She's dead. She can't see it. Is that even fair? That we get to see the actors who play the characters on her favorite show, tweet her, I mean her twitter account, but she can't? To even imagine how happy she'd be, but know she can't enjoy it? [ :(  ]


I mean I'd die(no pun intended, sorry) if Ian, Paul, Nina, Kat, (and the rest of the gang that I don't feel like listing atm) tweeted my twitter account(although I don't have one), but if I wasn't there to see it.. well that's pretty pointless. And sad.


Matt is awesome. So is Julie. Haters be hating. :D


And like this could could have lowered the rating. As if. Dedicated fans will take care of that. Like I said, I know this is verrryy late, any maybe you've (S) changed your mind, but as one of those mentioned, dedicated tvd fans, I needed and had to defend and protect my (TVD)family. So yeah.


And Julie's tweet to the whole bonnie fandom? No. Only to those certain someones! And I totally get her..Kol and Bon Bon.  Wow. Can we leave un-logical fan fiction to..well, fanfiction? Ugh.. sorry for ranting but...

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You clearly do not see the bigger picture. No one actually thought that Kol and Bonnie would get together. What pissed people off was Plec's lack of understanding that Bonnie fans just wanted her to get in on the hot man action that was going around. And forgive me for pointing out the obvious but Plec does not have a very precise moral compass. That so called "murderous vamp" called Kol is the brother of another "murderous vamp" called Klaus who....guess currently being written as a love interest for the sweet and bubbly Caroline. Damon, the douche of all douches in Mystic falls has done WAYYYY more shit than Kol has, that we know about anyway from his time on screen, yet he is in the ring for Elena's unworthy heart. Plec's tweets made no sense because she redeems every asshole on this show, why not Kol as well and give Bonnie his sweet man ass. Bonnie fans were jusified in their reaction. Please don't come on here and drag up old shit that you have no idea what was being discussed and the feelings of the fandom.....and i'm not even a Bonnie fan!

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P.S. I just saw the ridiculous ending to your "rant". Being a dedicated fan does not automatically make you a zombie with no occipital lobe functions that inhibit understanding and absolves you of your right to critique a show. Plus any brain dead zombie can see that the writers of this show have no clue. They keep their ratings by constantly pitting one ship against another and not with any actual good writing material. 

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They are part of the system and I really really doubt any of them will be without jobs.

Please stop trying to paint CW as some indie film studio.  

LOL, that's an insult to indie film studios, even writers working inside an indie film studio are a zillion levels more talented and logical than people who write the shows on CW. lololololol
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