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DAMON! He makes the show with his funny remarks :)


Who do you think the show's nothing without

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DAMON all the wayy hes sexy can be sweet and still a badass i just love it

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definitely damon

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Damon FTW!! <33


His witty remarks and gorgeous half evil grins are worth every second of watching that show!


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Bonnie IMO.

clearly the show would be nothing without anyone involving the main triangle so i won't even go there. but if we're doing this realistically then i'd have to go with the fourth most important character and that'd be bonnie.

but really all of them are pieces to a well oiled machine

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so of course the main three: damon, elena and stefan.

and I really love Anna! I hope she stays on the show! we need another 'good' vampire in town. the salvatore brothers can't do anything on their own. damon, alaric and anna would kick asses i am sure :)

Bonnie needs to get over herslef. BIG TIME.

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definitely Damon!!! =) =)

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The salvatore Brothers and Elena. 

...and Alaric lol! Not so much, but he's amazing!

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Well definately the core three but I agree if we lok at the 4th most important, and less obvious, choice I'd pick Bonnie. Mystic Falls needs a witch in town

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Agreed. He is the best character.

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