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Ewww. No just no.

Sorry bby, I second nicfanz for this

whatever!!!  They hired this clown over Nate seriously seriously? seriously/!:1w


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uhh, I remember the dude from when he starred in that abc sitcom/soap about two girls who have been switched at birth. 

Yep, this show is looking to be just as trainwrecky as TVD.



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Charles is hot!

I'm Charishma btw :D. Started watching this show again after a year's break. Just caught up on about 1.5 seasons worth of episodes and I have to say I'm loving it.

The hypocricy of MF vampires (and their witch/human friends), Klaus + Caroline's thing (hopefully it carries through to Originals spin-off), and Original Co. are bloody awesome. Luv Rebekah. I really hated that Kol had to die though. He had a annoying little brother thing going on. I kind of like how he fucked with Klaus all the time. 

Anyways yeah, Charles is fiiine. And now all those people  that (justifiably) complained about racial type-casting in TVD get something. Joseph and Charles will look great together onscreen.

Just as an aside: Wolf-girl (Hayley), college-girl, and this new witch-girl better stay the hell away from Caroline's new squeeze. If Plec really does care for Caroline's character she'd shift Candice over to the new spin-off. Candice is great but she's being wasted in a show where her only identifier is her bf and her bff. Give the girl something Plec! And no, death doesn't count. Let her grow.

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That is the problem Charishma. Plec do not care for anybody but her mary sue character and she is using the spinoff as a idea to bring more screen time for the golden vagina.

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I cant believe you watch switched at birth,

you absolutely suck

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I cant believe you watch switched at birth,you absolutely suck



Catching episode or two and not even bothering to remember the name of the show =/= watching the show. 


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Plec do not care for anybody but her mary sue character and she is using the spinoff as a idea to bring more screen time for the golden vagina.

lol hopefully its not about some random girl's 'golden vagina'.

I don't see Klaus engaging in a triangle debacle similar to that in TVD. Tyler and Caroline don't count because I'm not sure that Klaus see's Tyler as competition in any form. He's in a cat and mouse chase with Caroline. Tyler is very incidental to their game. It's almost like the two 'couples' exist independently of one another. They will have have their own course, and neither will effect the other. Klaus, if he has a love interest (please be Caroline lol), would be much more grown up about it. He'd wait patiently, but he wouldn't engage in this shit. I hope that makes sense?

Elijah is a lead and so is Marcel, so maybe the two of them fight over some magical Miss Perfect, but I don't see Klaus doing it. I really really don't want to see that all over again. I mean, its fine of TVD, and I'm okay with the way Plec has handled it actually. Love is love. It just doesn't go away because someone new, exciting, and "bad" has showed up. Delena happened exactly in the set of circumstances that they were meant to happen in. Elena is going to play musical chairs with D and S until the end (of time). Just like Katherine did.

But yeah, definitely no triangle for Klaus. He's still too evil and wrapped up in his missions. It wouldn't make sense. His pursuit of Caroline makes sense because he's bored, enchanted, and feeling the thrill of a challenge. He wouldn't put up with half of what D and S have put up with. He's so persistent with Caroline (and she's just a challenge and a crush at this point). How would he be if he was actually starting to love someone?

Maybe he's going to be the centre of a triangle? Like him and two girls?

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lol and of course she will think that  without the originals we will begin to love the golden vagina,

bitch please, there's still caroline forbes.

murdering my hubby bunny is unforgiveable, the golden vagina will be as hated as Joffrey and I fap to Joffrey of GOT.


Kitty stap denying you watch gay shows, i bet you are secretly fapping to Carrie Diaries

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My answer was a little contradictory lol. Sorry. I just don't want another triangle. Especially not for Klaus. It doesn't make sense. And it would reduce him to high-school level nonsense. So please no.

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lol you meant golden vagina as in Elena?? I've already dubbed the girls in the new show as that :D

GV 2.0!

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