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From the last show;

Elana: "What does the Petrova bloodline have to do with Klaus?"

Katherine: "It's really teadious but, the curse was bound by the sacrafice of Petrova blood. Witches are crafty with their spells. The doppleganner was created as a way to be able to undo the spell. Once the doppleganner reappeared the curse can be broken."

So a Petrova was sacraficed for the original curse. This makes Katherine and Elana descendants, doubles, doppleganners of the original Petrova which was sacraficed. Which is why the human Elana is the only one that can now be sacraficed to break the curse.

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And they want to break the curse so they can walk in the sun. Right?

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The timing sucks and setting is off.(enlighten me if im wrong). So an aztec shaman cursed the vamps and wolfs, the curse was bound by the sacrifice of a petrova(obv the origional katherine/elena). My question, how did someone from eastern europe end up all the way in latin america. Vanessa Monroe said the spell was made 600 years ago(i assume she's counting from presentday 2010) which it would have been in 1410, but the aztec empire did not reign until 1427.That doesn't make any sense to me...aah. so confused.
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@ NinaDobrevFTW

You are right, the whole Aztec thing cannot work. Katherina turned herself in 1492 the year Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas. There was no travel between Europe and the Americas before that, so it could not have been the Aztecs (even though they were big time into human sacrafice). You will notice however that Katherine kept saying witch when she was telling Elana the story, not shaman or Aztec. I think the writers have realized their timing and geography was wrong and they are trying to correct it now.

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ian alaba

HI.. im ian from the philippines. and im also an avid fan of Vampire diaries.. can someone explain to me

according to HotsForDamon, "petrova was the one who made the curse" . (1)i thought aztec shaman made it??

 if aztec shaman did it, (2)why did this shamans cursed the vamps and wolves?? what is the reason behind that?

aND if petrova did it, (3)who "petrova" exactly did it?katherine? is that the reason why klaus looking for her?to be able to break the curse because she "made the curse"?

sorry im so confused! hope someone will answer my questions and help me to clear out the whole thing. THANK YOU in advance!! =)

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The werewovles does´n't die, if Elena dies. :P The curse is about something else. If the vampires break the curse, they will could walk in sun. If the werewovles breaks the curse, they doesn't have to turn every single full moon, they will turn whenever they want to.

I dont understand either why Elena haves to die. Maybe it is because she is a PETROVA doppleganger??

//Zascha Andersen//

Ps. Sorry if my english is bad, im danish.

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@ian alaba

1) It was an aztec shaman who put a curse on vampires and werewolves but in order to do so he had to sacrifice Petrova

2) The shaman did it because werewolves and vampires were dangerous, they pretty much reigned over the humans and killed them

3) Katherine is not the original Petrova, she's a doppelganger. Klaus was looking for her before when she was human to break the curse by sacrificing her but she turned into a vampire.


Yes Elena has to die because she's a Petrova doppelganger and as I mentioned Petrova was sacrificed to seal the curse therefore her doppelganger aka Elena has to be sacrificed to break it.


Hope this helps! :)

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the curse works like this the shaman had to sacrifice a vampire, werewolf, and human from a particular bloodline the petrovas.  The moon stone was used to bind the werewolves to the moon limiting their transformations  to the full moon, and he used something like a blood stone or a sun stone to bind the vampires to the sun damning them to walk in darkness.

Here is what can happen you can free the werewolves by sacrificing the petrova doppleganger, a werewolf and a vampire and the moonstone or the vampires can be set free by doing the same with the sun stone but both cannot be set free.

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The doppleganger has to be killed to break the sun curse not the moon curse
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This is the deal with the whole sun and the moon curse. There are two ways to break it.


The first way is if the vampires break the curse they will get to walk in the sun with or without a ring forever. Leaving the werewolves to have to be slaves of the moon. In other words having to turn on every full moon.

The second way is if the werewolves break it. They will get to turn by will, or if they want will never have to turn again. Leaving, the vampires to be slaves of the sun. In otherwords never being able to walk in sunlight again.


Both ways require ingridents like in every spell. A witch, a werewolf, a vampire, a doppleganger, a moonstone. If one acquires all these they will be able to break the curse. The reason Katherine had all these things was so she could hand over all the ingredients to Klaus so she could please him and be free. She had Bonnie as a watch, Mason then Tyler as a werewolf, Caroline as a vampire and Elena of course as the doppelganger and of course she had Mason get the moonstone for her.

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