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Now we are making more sense:P While it is a chemical reaction, it just a way to simplistic description of it. 

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Sorry if I came off a bit...Terminator-ish, but this whole slut-shaming cult overall is seriously getting on my nerves, having ruined at least three fanbases of three shows I love. 

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Thats such a morose view on life.while i don't believe in the "fairytale love" its stll need more vuw in your life.Come to India,maybe visiting 59876543 temples here will change your mind lol.

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Lol I had Taylor on repeat for my iPod then I scroll to see you bring her up, lul what are the odds
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FINE FINE! My apologies OP. Just felt like this was a rehash or old and stale BS. The internet has been littered with this DES comparison since the show began. Last night some DE stans where stalking me and i just snapped. Now its not who loves her more and who's love is deepest but whose sex was better??? Like give me a break!!! Delena stans are still delusional about their so called "finally, true love is expressed" scene. They have a problem realising that sired means slave means rape (unintentional though it may be, that was not Elena making a conscious decision about having sex). When people lack good critical thinking skills it really makes me want to shoot them through the screen. No one is saying that Elena never had feelings for him before she turned (the fact that they are still arguing about this is enough proof of their lunacy). The fact of the matter is that the sire bond affects only actions right? Then why are they shooting themselves in the foot and why is it SOOOO hard for people to understand that Elena would never have ACTED on her feelings with Damon after less than 48 hours after breaking up with Stefan? If she wasn't sired they would not have slept together yet. Shipper or no, one cannot argue with these points. They all expect Stefan to just allow them to ride into the proverbial sunset with because they are so "inlove" and i'm like please go reacquaint your head with a brick wall. Just last week she was professing undieing love to him, now she's telling him to move own not after months, but days and Damonaters really expect the man to be cool with loosing the love of his life??? Last episode proved beyond a shadow of a douby that the sire bond has real implications on her feelings no matter what Tyler says (who the fuck would listen to a half wit jock on such delicate matters anyway). Her one day old sex/love with Damon made her 1-2 year love with Stefan be "barely a memory". JUST WOW. And still there's nothing wrong with that and with her brainwashed state to them, just as long as Damon finally has someone to choose him over his bro...........Seriously, my ship for this show is DE, Death and Elena. I wish death would compel her to go count the tire marks in Wickery Bridge for the next 24 hours without her ring. 

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I got stalked by one two days ago, ticked me off. And lol denial will be denial.
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I'd probably say DE sex was better, this is just because I, like so many other idiotic fangirls , find Ian more attractive. I feel like I have sinned :)
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Last episode proved beyond a shadow of a douby that the sire bond has real implications on her feelings no matter what Tyler says

Tyler's quote is actually beyond stupid - the sire bond affects how you act, not how you feel...then please explain to me why in s3 when he was became a hybrid he did all those Klaus made him AND he was all - Klaus took the pain of turning every full moon away...Tyler was loyal towards Klaus and his feelings about Klaus were that Klaus was right and Tyler was grateful to him. So whatever shit the writers came up with save themselves from this sire bond nonsense turned out to be more stupid because the sire bond does affect how you and how you act, if it didn't then what would be the point of unsiring all those poor 12 hybrids - Tyler unsired them and told them they need to stop being loyal to Klaus, to stop being grateful to him - hello, how the hell are feelings not involved in the process? Idiots. 

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Uh ok, maybe we will also get an explanation on why Damon has sired 2 known vampires so far.....something about his blood/origins blah blah blah.
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@Redoktober Actually I agree with everything you've said. This was exactly I was getting at. I didn't mean to come off as asking who's sex was better lol. I don't think that the Elena we've seen in the last 3 seasons and even the first couple of episodes of season 4 would ever hop into bed with Stefan's brother 24 hours after breaking up. I think the sire bond has everything to do with what she's doing and how she's feeling. You actually said the same thing I said in a thread I made on here after the last epi. Elena's feelings for stefan being just a distant memory was so odd. I don't think she would even be with Damon if it wasn't his blood that turned her. I don't she's a slut but I think what she was really, really slutly behavior for someone who was just a couple of episodes ago just claiming to love Stefan so much.


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