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And that's what makes a lot of people mad. If Klaus (or Rebekah or any of the other antagonists) is supposed to be held accountable for their should Elena and her honey-flavored vajayjay.

Really? i get being a fan of the villian HOWEVER people who like who they like will allways be bias. I am not a fan of Elena<not a hater> but not a fan. Her original plan to kill Kol failed thx to Bonnie's parents. Kol was invited in and able to leave. He returned<ON HIS OWN>to cause her and her brother harm.  What did Kol fans want Elena to do? Give him an axe and say "after you cut off Jeremy's arms and kill me please feel free to take the video game and anything else you fancy in our home". Kol is just as responsible for his own death as Elena.

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