Thursdays 8:00 PM on CW

YES!!! And now I will make sure to post more often....just to see that gif over and over again.'s so HOT! You girls have no idea how long I've been staring at that gif. WOW...I am speechless!

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YAY KOL IS BACK! Anyone shipping Kol/Jeremy? ;)

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I started shipping Kol/Jeremy when Klaus said that Kol is keeping an eye on him! 

Imagine Jeremy going to take a shower and Kol looking at him outside the window and unf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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I am so imagining that!'s like imagining AlariKlaus in the shower. I mean...the things Klaus did to Alaric while he was in his body that we don't know about...haha ;)

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the things Klaus did to Alaric while he was in his body that we don't know about...

*fap fap fap fap fap fap* what are u talking about??

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Kol <3

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^ wow !! Did you make that ? That is one awesome video :D it makes the originals look powerful and scary (and hot :D), reminds me of season 2 Elijah. Tbh i'm getting a little original tired, except for Elijah and maybe Kol :D.
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lol you're friends with hotek too :P <3 the video

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What do you mean Glenna :D
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