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Yep, season 3 of VM, is not as good as the 2 others. It loses its touch in S3. . . 

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completely and utterly disagree. 


The show "graduated", moved on from school and while it did not have as many strong noir-ish elements in terms of cinematography, it was in no way worse than s2 or s1. The creators kept the show fresh every season and IMO they succeeded.  

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VM season 3 I didn't think lost a beat. I thought they transitioned it very well from high school to college and I thought the 2 story arcs worked out very well. Not as good as the season 1 & 2 long story's arcs.
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yep, I did like the more "continuous" style of S1 and S2, but thats not much of a loss since EVERYTHING else was still just as great, if not, in certain aspects more great. 


The show had major balls to mix up stuff (their plans for what would have been S4/movie show that exactly) and 99% of time it worked like a charm.  

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I always enjoyed VM, it was just never on e of my favourite obsessions. I think it premiered during my Charmed + Buffy phase. I don't know why but I just never enjoed Angel.

Have any of you seen episodes of Lying Game with CC in it? Is it any good. Maybe I can stomach a  few episodes if it's worth the while. The problem I have with it, is that it there are too many irritating characters in the show and they can't decide if they want to be more Disney or Adult(as a adult as ABC can get) which makes the twins' dilemma seem all the more trivial.

Have any of you seen the trailer for The Following? That's the type of show I'm looking for. Or something like Women's Murder Club, although less procedurally Even the trailer for Cult peaks my interest.

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With CC? What is that. I haven't heard of the following
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The feel of VM changed in S3. The feel(known as tone)felt like they wanted to appeal to a broader audience. It felt sweeter and lighter.



But it certainly didn't deserve to cancled already at S3.

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. It felt sweeter and lighter.

excuse me while I lol at this, considering S3 was oneo f the most depressing seasons of VM.  

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 Even the trailer for Cult peaks my interest.

Cult is...trainwreck. I do not see it lasting past the starter order of episodes.  

  I haven't heard of the following

Its Kevin Williamson's new cop procedural.  

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lol if you think Cult is a trainwreck wait for Carrie Diaries lololol I can predict how much that show would suck big time

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