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Number of The Vampire Diaries's fans are increasing every second because each day the story gets amazing and interesting. However, season 4 has taken a huge pace since its arrival on the Tv screen. People think that there are many reason behind this huge pace and the top contributor in this thing is the love stories of this epic series. 

Until now, we know that Salvatores are being lovers of Elena but on the other hand, the love story of hybrids with Caroline is also getting hot in every episode. The interest of Klaus in Caroline is always been a very amusing story circle for viewers but now this has got a back bone, due to which Tyler seems to be jealous as it is seen in season 4 episode 7. Caroline, sometimes also misunderstands the relation between Tyler and Hayley and it leads Caroline straight to Klaus.

Right now, I can only say that Caroline is soon going to be in a position where Elena was in the last episode of season 3.

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Well atleast Caroline knows what she wants,she is not a whinning bitch that strings people along.And honestly KCT triangle is so much better and interesting than DES triangle.
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I heard KCT is more like the triangle from the books, apparently.
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Number of The Vampire Diaries's fans are increasing every second


because each day the story gets amazing and interesting


iz u spam?

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Both DES and KCT are awful/horrible/"gauge my eyes out " terrible and should be disposed of or wrapped up so I could watch a class act. Thrs original post seems really weird, where did you copy and paste this from?
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I heard KCT is more like the triangle from the books, apparently.

From my point of view since I have read the books, KCT is much closer to what was the OG triangle that LJ Elena's relationship with book Damon was very much alike Caroline's and Klaus's - at first book Elena also hated everything about book Damon and yet she was attracted to him...he also like Klaus offered her to show what the real world is like and he was "the one" for him. Klaus is actually very book Damon like in the sense that he does represent danger and when he sets his eyes on something - he will get it no matter what. Tyler of coarse is no book Stefan but the way Caroline does not give up on him and still loves him, while still enjoying Klaus's company at the same time - very much like DE in the books. At least and this is just how I see it, KCT really does have that good vs bad feel to - whereas DES is just Damon having to change his entire personality since season 1 to get Elena to start liking him - Elena was drawn to Damon's darkness because the writers made her such a Mary Sue...

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I heard KCT is more like the triangle from the books, apparently.Sorry, but no, no, no and fucking no

Caroline is the exact opposite of book Elena. 

Klaus is a monster, who shows no remorse, while Book-Damon genuinely cared about Elena.

Tyler is a nice guy, book-Steffie was a social darwinist. 







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Elena I love you, just sayin
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awww bbt, our lil elena is growing up to be a bigger troll

we're proud of you sweetheart we love you


and wha the fuck did I just read, do you want me to bitchslap you?


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Caroline and Stefan should get together. :D They make a great couple.

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