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Sage + Finn = Sinn

Sage + Damon = Damage

Sage + Kol = Kage

Yeah, no matter who she could have ended up, no happiness.

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HAHAHAH :D :D well if Sage would b with Stefan, it would be STAGE .. :D

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This episode was a complete letdown,i can't even comprehend what happened.The only scene i enjoyed was when damon said he's going to help stefan pull through untill he don't need him coz stefan is all he got right now.The flashblack was boring as well,i like flashback but this one is just....uhh.I really miss klaus,caroline and bonnie.
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Wow Amie U're hilarious,DAMAGE sounds good.
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When I heard about Sage and Finn I loled my ass...=)))) i laughed with tears

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