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Lol I'm no Alison stan but I like her, especially before her mom died. It's not that I wanted her dead once she got cray for five minutes but I'm one of the few who would like "old" Alison back, she was still badass either way. I think with Scott the fans are probably still holding that one incident against him, when he let Jackson flee out like a fly while he was busy with Alison in the car. You know it's funny I'm sure people were raging at Scott in that ep, but all I wanted to do was punch Jackson for being stubborn as hell. People are trying to save his life and he just has to be a douche about it, but then again that's his character, when he's that lonely he'll go in denial that people care about him
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Honestly, with the latest Vampire Diaries-not so good twists-, I'm glad discovered Teen Wolf. I really love the directing, the characters (I didn't like Scott at start, same for Jackson, but now I love them with Derek, Stiles, Chris Argent, Kate Argent), the humor (to my mind, there is not enough humor in TVD) and most of all, the twists !

Even relationships are really well written : i.e. Jackson/Lydia.

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Can you guys tell me what you think of these comments.

Scott scott scott I'm sorry man but you're the bella swan of teen wolf. And yes I'm sorry a twilight comparison but I feel its necassary here. Dude your significant other just went psycho to the point that SHE'S disgusted with herself. And you forgiving her for slice and dicing issac and and you almost had a arrow sized hole in the head man. We can't cut to a comercial break without you uttering name dramatically and its gotten to the point where we put up with you for the sake of stiles. God knows somebodys gotta give a fuck about the guy. stop being so obsessive and needy. I know your a ficticious character but stop being a bad one. you have your moments but dude there's a reason stiles and derek steal the show.

Scott`s ``righteous & heroic`` behavior always irritates me. I understand that he is the protaganist of Teen Wolf, but it always bugs me. Like, he was planning on ``saving`` Boyd from getting the bite. Well did he ever stop to think that maybe other people wouldn`t consider lycanthropy a curse? People need to mak their own decisions, not have Scott waltz in all ``Yo I`ve been a wrewolf for a few months and it`s ruined my life blah blah blah``. The only thing the Bite has ``ruined`` for him is his love life with Allison. if she had never shown up, he wouldn`t be complaining nearly as much, maybe not at all. But he thinks it gives him the right to try and ``talk others out of making the biggest mistake of their lives``. We get it, Scott. You want nothing to do with being a werewolf. Just stay out of it then.

Isaac wanted to be powerful and not feel weak, Erica wanted to not be the school pariah anymore and be rid of her seizures that made her life Hell and Boyd wanted kinship and friends.

Their lives were already bad, so they wanted the Bite to have better lives

Scott doesn't give a shit about anybody but himself and Allison. At the end of the day it all comes down to Allison and whether or not he can be with her. His brain and mind have been deluted and Allison filled. Every time she feels like she's been on the back end of a stick she tries to kill him or other innocent bystanders. She's tried to kill him countless times yet he keeps crawling back to her. -.- the hell with it!

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Ugh that's too long but basically it's a good point that he got over Alisons actions too quickly. I stand by my previous post that they need to rewatch the show if they think Alison was his only priority. That's probably why I love Scott and Stefan. It's characters like those who are underrated because they're "boring" and not funny or edgy like the douche villain or comic relief supporting character, although personally Scott cracks me up, dude everyone in this club is a dude, lmao.
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 That's probably why I love Scott and Stefan. 

please do not compare those characters.

Scott is complex leader-in-making-but-still-a-bit-awkward-teenager person who genuinely cares about people.


Steffie is second coming of Twilight's Edward, whipped by Elena.  

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Stefan and Scott Stefan and Scott Stefan and Scott my bbys
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I read everything in this thread and I agree with most of it. Glad to see people who enjoy the show in general and don't watch it just for the ships and the hot guys. 

My thoughts on Teen Wolf:

My favorite character is Lydia. She's way smarter than people think she is and that's because she doesn't want them to know she's smart. The things that happened to her, none of it was her fault. She's strong. She's independent. I really like her and I can't wait to see what will happen with her in season 3.

Then Jackson. He's a douche and I love it. He's emotionally damaged. His parents are dead and his adoptive parents don't really seem to care about him. They just give him their money. I love his relationship with Lydia. And now he's finally a werewolf, so we'll see where that goes.

Then Allison. At first I didn't really like her because I thought she was the Elena Gilbert of Teen Wolf, but then she started using the bow and she chose to take her family's side and not Scott's. But she didn't do everything her family told her to do. She did what she wanted to do. And she actually fights and pretty much she's awesome. 

 Then Stiles. I know he hasn't done much and he makes bad decisions, but all the comedy in the show comes from him. I love his relationship with his dad and he really helped Scott or at least tried to help. He's very likable. 

And then Scott. It's not that I don't like Scott. He's a very good character on the show, I just don't really care about him. I don't know. Maybe that will change in season 3.

Then Isaac and then everybody else.

 On the shipping of it all, Sterek NO!!! Just no!!! And shipping Stiles/Lydia is also dumb imo. He's been obsessed with her for years and he didn't even know her. She's in love with Jackson, so no. 

The only couples I enjoy are Jackson/Lydia and Scott/Allison but I don't really care if they're together or not. 

Overall, I didn't expect to enjoy this show as much as I did because come on it's on MTV, but it's pretty good and I can't wait for season 3. 

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Lul aw I like stydia
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Another useless, asinine diatribe, focusing on why Scott is "supposedly" selfish. Unfortunately the argument is profoundly weak. It is a grammatical nightmare of epic proportion as well.





I stand by my previous post that they need to rewatch the show if they think Alison was his only priority.



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Please come back to me luv......

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