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Dear ex-GG fans of this forum,

let us all have a moment of silence (while LULING) Yes, I know we're all luling out of disappointment. Since Gossip Girl have wasted 5 years of lives. We would like to thank the following assholes who have killed and derailed this show to oblvion.

Thank you Josh Safran - you have made this show unbearable and I wish you luck in derailing SMASH and RAPING CHAIR FUCK YOU. YOU AND PLECKY WILL GO TO HELL  WITH YOUR RAPE LOVING PHILOSOPHIES.

Thank you Stephanie Savage- for being the biggest hypocrite fat fuck chuckistan of all time. You are a lying self-serving cunt and I hope you will never get the opportunity to write another show, but oh wait I know Carrie Diaries will suck ballsa and will likely to end up like Secret Circle or Hell Cats lmao

THank you Sarah Goodman- may you have a pact with God to help you get another job.

Thank you Josh Schwartz- for leaving this show and leaving it to fucktards and helping Stephanie Savage make that stupid Star wars background music as you rip of Revenge's Lydia's building falling scene and magically gave Bart Bass a facial expression and letting me have the urge to gouge my eyes with acid seeing IVy make out with old people and getting Bart topless. FUCK YOU TOO. You could've have at least bring Trollessa back to DIE a miserable death but you ccant even do that WHAT FUCKING EVEN!


After five years, of LOL and RANTING. Some part of me will miss Gossip Girl. I loved CHAIR with all my heart.

I will miss you Georgie :(


and we should forget the hotel plot and all the chair raping and close our eyes and remember this moment

To me GG ended this way.





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SO I take it something triggered this kind of reaction? Or is it just another day in the office?

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My aunt Flo triggered it lmao

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i cant wait to have mixed emotons

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First of all, Glenna, I know I professed my love to you already on another thread, but after reading that entire first post I salute you!


Second, Gossip Girl wasted only 2 and a half years of my life to be honest though - Season 1 and 2 were great and good, season 3 while being sloppy at least Carter Baizen and Damien....season 4 started of with Paris and because they kind of set the tone back to s1 I still managed to enjoy the first half of it. Whatever happened after that in s5 and s6 I do not even want to recognize as wasn't...and I can only say this - Safran and Goodman will have a lot to answer for on judgement day....


So yes, lets just pretend GG ended with that famous season 2 ending - with Chuck telling Blair he loves her, Shiny Toy Guns playing in the background with "Season of Love" and GG ending with  xoxo Gossip Girl.


You know after Dair becoming sexually involved, Chuck punching Blair, Blair being pregnant, loosing the baby in an accident,  making pacts with God....I thought GG could NOT sink any lower but KILLING BART BASS BY TOTALLY PULLING A LYDIA ON US.......I am speechless....the amount the of WTF running through my head at that moment is double infinity!


So here is my eulogy to GG:


You were loved by many, I looked up to you, you introduced me to the UES and the awesomeness of that life. You made me thank my mom for making me wear a headband when I went to school (that was in 1997 but still, thank you mom!) You introduced me to great music and great fashion - you were forward-thinking, innovative, and awesome. But then something changed, you started loosing my interest, then my respect. I tried for 2 and a half years to recognise the show I fell in love with and was not ashamed off. I forgave you for so many things and yet its like you did not even care. And the you hit with that pact to God and I gave up on you completely, but still checked in on you once in a while. When I heard you were given 10 epsiodes to finish, I first thought why not a full season, but now I think 10 episodes is an unjust mercy....FUCK YOU SAFRAN AND GOODMAN...DOUBLE FUCK YOU TO Shwartz for yet AGAIN ruining a show I cared to much about, I still have not forgiven you for The OC - you did not just let a good show get ruined, you spat on teenage years. TWICE in a row now.


There I said it all.



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What the fuck happened, and I'm not an aunt!
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Oh THATS what it was about...

Hell, its not even REvenge-stuff. Its a common soap opera cliche - Badguy either tries to get away in a car and crashes or falls off some building.

And its not like it was not obvious - entire Tumblr knew that finale contains CHAIR wedding and during it Chuck gets arrested for murder. 





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