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Leon, Jack is still lame with his ugly crying.


I really wished that annoying poverty stricken bittch would have died with declan too.

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Still not okay that Declan(despite now having actual storyline) while buttface Aiden survived(despite ruining the show). Jack now had everyone around him die, even his own fucking dog.  


Oh well, at least S3 sounds better and better right now and they earned MAJOR bonus points by doing the promo in same style and Damages Season Five promo was done. 

Also apparantly there are rumours that Emily kills Conrad in the premiere by poisoning his drink or whatever.

Oh well, still seeing a darker Emily, off-the-rails Nolan and the return to the classic Revenge style far outweighs the possibility of Buttface still living(although I am betting he will be the one to kill Emily). 





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Not only is the show back with cutthroat agendas, but so is Charlotte, who has a killer new look.

Jack and Emily’s first Season 3 moment is all I could have hoped for and feared for simultaneously. Victoria is really, and I mean really, cherishing her relationship with long-lost son, Patrick. Emily and [SPOILER] align to kick [SPOILER] to the curb and far away from the Hamptons. ‘Pan Am’s Karine Vanasse makes her debut as French hottie Margaux. Jack gives Emily an ultimatum that might complicate Emily’s plans. The double-infinity sign returns in a surprising manner Victoria and Emily might be joining forces to get rid of [SPOILER]. Last, but not least, a major character faces death by way of a terminal disease. One of first S3 takedowns is a priest and it sone of the most evil schemes Emily has ever done.

Apart bolded ones not too much new, but this intrigue sme. 

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welp it seems like buttface and Victoria will be working together against Emily this season. 

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Wassup bitches! Revenge is back! Thoughts?


The stuff I liked

- Emily is given a deadline and FINALLY! Surprise ,surprise that its Jack the boring, but credit to him for taking a stand and giving Emily the cold treatment she deserves for putting him through hell and only uttering I Am So Sorries, all the time


- The Intiative and Ashley are gone. YES! Now please just send Charlotte packing too.


- We are sort of back on track, Emily is still successively fooling Spaniel, and having a good Nolan time so + 1000!


Things I was eye-rolling at

- the first 20 seconds of the premiere -so 2011

- Charlotte and her bangs

- Sorry but Emily being that good at USBing while the doc just pours his coffee...too unbelivable even by Revenge standards, I mean even with the bottle water, it was obvious it was the water he drank that made him "sick@ but the way Emily managed to put that "poison" in there in broad view...lame.


Anyway, looks like at least the set up for the season is good. Yay? 

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I sort of like and utterly hate some of the resets.

Initiative being GONE is  a HUGE plus, but I think we did not need this - the end of previous seasona lready established COnrad as the ONLY Initiative left.  I don't like that htey took a step back with him. Jack not taking any of Em's shit is perfect. As was Ashley calling both Victoria and Emily monsters. Not happy that they got rid of Ashley. SHe finaly got interesting in second half of S2. New Charlotte is superb. I am really interested in what happened, even though I still think that killing Declan was an uber bad writing. I do love her newfound viciousness and cray-crayness. Nemily time without annoying buttface? who knew it was possible. NOT okay with obvious AIden fakeout. At least I hope that he is the one to shoot ems and the season ends with a swordfight to death between them, because karma is a bitch and fuck you aiden I will never forgive you for takeda.


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