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Its nice to see that the show's buttface, Aiden Is FINALLY going to get off this show sometime in near future, as they are giving him the whole "OMG I AM JEALOUS AND MAKE BAD DECISIONS" shtick Daniel had in S1. He will either go all abusive or get screwed over into betraying Emily by Initiative. Bonus points on if Emily gets to kill him. Daniel is interesting, so to say. its quite clear that he tried to play Emily to get her support and thus get more control in terms of his company and its interesting to see where his plot goes. Really fearing for Nolan. It seems initiative has him on their radar and Daniel just got a way to get something out of him. Not trusting his old-flame-dude too Jack's storyline, strangely, is the most interesting one in the show right now, because it has tension and unpredictability the whole storyline of S1 Revenge had.  


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About Nolan, until someone pointed it out, I only realised later that he only appeared a good 22 minutes after the episode began....hope they don't do that again.  I also want more insight on the Initiative, I already understood that that chick knows everything, I just want to know how and how will it affect everyone. Also don't trust his ex.


About Spaniel, I don't know, more needs to happen, for now to me he is just another Nate allowing to get himself into all sorts of trouble while thinking he can be the head of GG...and I just find it so hillarious that he hasn't yet sensed that his mother has cooked all this up for him and Ems to reunite...and there he was talking about how lucky Ems was about not getting too serious with Aiden, while he and Ashley did and look what he found out about her...


About Jack, well..........yeah, ok, I was surprised when the drugs ended up being on the boat and naturally Jack "took the blame", but from next point on things need to develop at a faster pace because we already know that those guys are bad, and that they are a threat, and by now EVERYONE else also knows, so I just want everyone to stop talking about it and start doing something about it. Yes, Jack attempted but I want to see faux-Amanda more involved, because for someone who was such psychopath in s1 and such a ticking time bomb, she "settled" down too quick for me, and I want to see her more back in action. If that makes sense.

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I am actually falling in love with Ms. Helen Crowley, the bitch is really bad ass like a female Connie lol


and of course Connie and Vickie always give me OTP feels everytime they graced my mah new 40 inch screen lolololol

of course Nolan is sexayyy as ever

Spaniel lolol never heard of that one before, god this guy just annoys me dunno why, guess the retarded lisp, throws me off. I mean I have heard his real accent before, don't understand why he has a lisp as Danny boy.

NO ASHLEY is really good

less screentime for the Porters yay, no one gives a fuck

and kitty, how dare you call him buttface.

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I want those gloves she was putting on while having 300 lazers focused on Aiden. LOL.

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The woman puts her gloves like a boss, I should make a gif.

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hahahahahahahahah babhahahahahahahaha

have you seen spaniel's gut last promo

wtf mike kelley stahp blowing holes on my ship bitch

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JOsh Bowman got pregnant lololololololololol

I am so grossed out I want those 10 seconds back please.

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Well this assures that Nolan's aide girl will get dead or written off.

FUCK YES. Now if only Aiden would get the same treatment too.

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@Glenna, that. was. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!! Ew! And pffff wasn't surprised Padma is working with the Initiative - that was clear ever since she picked up that check David Clarke gave to Nolan. 

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I hope jack drowns period

and kitty, aiden is regular

so suck it bitch

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