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From one of biggest channels in USA, comes a new take upon A.Duma's classic "Count of Monte Cristo"   The Hamptons. Quiet summer resort in the atlantic ocean. Money and power here decides everything and the richest and most powerful people who live herw judge everything by money. Friendship, love, family, future, honesty - everything has a price. And a certain man years ago unwillingly paid with his future, his family and his life.  In his dying will, he asked to forgive. To not hate those who brought this upon him. But that did not change her determination.  Now years have passed and the Hamptons inhabitants are preparing for yet another summer.  Charity parties, socialite events and everything usual to the rich. However everythng gets interrupted as a young, nice and sweet woman going by the name of "Emily Thorne" arrives into the resort, with intention of living there. Hiding a mysterious and very tragic past, rich beyond belief, Emily, who seems like such and innocent and sweet girl, is hellbent of fitting into the place and most of those there most likely will welcome her with open arms, while some will not trust her.  But the face that carries should a calm and sweet smile also hides eyes so cold and chilling, so full of revenge, madness and hatred, so calculating, cunning and manipulative. Very few will notice at first that behind the sweet and innocent facade hides a ruthless and calculating snake intent of turning everyone's life into hell. Indeed, Emily Thorne's coming into the Hamptons will bring a lot of unexpected events into play. And she will not stop, till one by one they all will fall. As her story is not about forgiveness. Her story is about cold and brutal revenge.


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I can safely say that this is my favorite new show this season. Why? Lead Heroine - She is not exactly your typical character and she is no Elena. She is someone ruthless, calculating and dangerous, bordering on sociopathic. She does not pout or whine over what she does. She just does what she does. Destroying lives, ruining everything, no matter the collaterial damage. Always staying one step ahead of her enemies. And she does it with such a style and glee in her facial expressions that its quite refreshing from usual cookie-cutter female leads. Lead Actress - Emily VanCamp is awesome as Emily. Frankly I could certainly see her playing tvd-book-elena. There's a mix of this fake innocence, almost mad calm fury inside as well as calculating cruel ruthlessness. For the lack of better phrasing,she is so deliciously rightfully EVIL that you can't help but root for her.  Supporting characters - while most of characters are usual kind of characters, certain ones stand out very much. Nolan is very fascinating character to study. No one in the show nor audience have any idea on what he actually wants and why he does what he does. Someone multi-faceted, someone who can look like complete geeky fool one second and dangerous chessmaster the next. Then you have Victoria, the "not-completely-evil" woman who is at fault for everything that happened in the past. She is as manipulative and as dangerous as lead heroine, however very vulnerable and stricken by guilt at the same time.  chemistry - seriously? Every scene Victoria and Emily share with each other has a level of tension that you could cut it with a knife, to the point that viewers keep guessing on what each of them will do the next second.  Then you have Nolan and Emily, who pretty much blow up the tv screens with sexual tension and intense cold atmosphere.  Pacing - show does not pull its punches. Has balls to actually move at quite fast pace and knows that it can't just have "target of the week" format for too long.  Gray Morality - AS the show goes on, Emily's actions(in my eyes at least) keep getting more and more drastic.  And its possible to actually feel sorry for some of her victims.  Not to mention that she gets more and more uncaring of any innocents that get destroyed in her way of retribution.  Tendency to avoid obvious cliches - some other show might have used "spill ashes at sea" idea for some cheesy bonding, this show did not. Some series would have main heroine doubt her goals - this show does not. Some series would care to show main heroine having an awesome messianic holy goodness side - in this show the only one who gets treated  with any emotion from her is a damn dog. Some series would have her fall in love with main target's son? This show is well on its way to NOT do that.  Atmosphere - oh god, long since we did not have a show which sets up the atmosphere so well. Its intense, it draws in viewers and it manages to pull off and execute the climax of every situation VERY powerfully. 


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bordering on sociopathic.



I wouldn't call sociopathic a good characteristic on the lead character. Not being able to feel emotion as a character would cause us to not be able to connect with her(unless your a sociopath/psychopath LOL;)). And her having a blank face whenever something happens sounds incredible lame. . .

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I wouldn't call sociopathic a good characteristic on the lead character. Not being able to feel emotion as a character would cause us to not be able to connect with her(unless your a sociopath/psychopath LOL;)

She literally does not care about any person there, guilty or innocent. She is not a "real" sociopath since she technically feels emotions, but she feels nothing for the people she tramples or for the bystanders that get in her way accidentally. The only people she is attached to is herself.

Hence bordering means she is completely emotionally disconnected from feeling any affection towards those around her. Everyone is either the means or an end. 

And her having a blank face whenever something happens sounds incredible lame. . . 

She gets off from the suffering she causes to those people she targets. Typical Emily Thorne takes incredible glee in what she causes 

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Red Dawn
There no sexual tension between Nolan and Emily.
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There no sexual tension between Nolan and Emily.

Exactly. I never imagine Nolan and Emily as a couple. Maybe you meant Daniel and Emily or Jack and Emily?


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Exactly. I never imagine Nolan and Emily as a couple. Maybe you meant Daniel and Emily or Jack and Emily?

Nope. Seen no sexual tension between emily jack nor daniel jack.  Jack seems more like a guy who will loose his inocence due to revenge and daniel seems more. Daniel on other hand looks more like a victim eventually.

I doubt Daniel will die(believing that  its Tyler who gets killed in that opening shot), but from the lines people exchange in the opening scene I doubt its anything too happy.

Chemistry? Maybe. Sexuality? No. 


Nolan on other hand. On one hand I, at first was not sure how to look at them. They had this strange dynamics of siblings, enemies, frenemies and etc all meshed together. However his obsession over her seems to go far beyond that.


Do I see them as lovey dovey couple kissing in a tree? Nope. Frankly I hope the show does not do that to lead character. But every EVERY scene between them has a sexual, predatory atmosphere.

No they are not showing any affection. They are cold as hell to each other, but at the same time, I don't know on why - is it actors or is it writers, their scenes click very much so with sexual tension in between.

Every Nolan Emily scene is a weird mix of coldness, predatory intensity, sexuality and danger. 

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Very intense episode this week. 


Was very pleasantly surprised that Emily was not angsting over Lydia's accident and more concerned angry that it was against her plans.

Also it was nice to see her nicer side behind the whole coldhearted ruthlessness. The girl is obviously not a sociopath since she does have feelings and guilt and other things. But what differs her from usual revenge cliches is that she just pushes it all aside for the sake of her goals. She is more "aww sadness...oh well its gone, let's ruin someone's day" kind of person. 


Interested on where the whole Tyler plot goes. I get feel he is sort of "Mr RIpley" character of the show as he is trying to fit into the family WAY TOO MUCH. I wonder how and if Emily will eventually "deal" with him. She clearly sees him as road block and has no intention to play games around him. 


While she did screw up majorly with her plans about the bodyguard(also his obsession with Victoria? creepy), I bet Emily will somehow manage to use that to her advantage next episode. as I get the feeling that him finding the second "amanda" in the photos and etc is somehow part of her plan(hence her call "i will need your help on this one" in the promo). 


I do have a feeling she will have some collaterial damage in the end. 

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Okay so tonight new revenge will air and I will again get a dose of Emily Thorne badassness (well, the correct emily thorne, not "emily thorne" which appeared, gods indicating about which chracter one is talking about is going to be hard in this show)


going by what is known, apparantly Tyler is here to stay at least for next few episodes and apparantly our lead heroine will go more badass as well as we will get more clues on what she will do after her whole Grayson-summer plan ends (since the whole Grayson revenge stuff apparantly ends even before the season finale and show and lead heroine will for some reason move to LA with a new more complicated plan or something).



Anywya, not liking the original Emily Thorne. betting on her either screwing something up A LOT for our Emily, dying real soon or BOTH. Preferably both.


major reason why I like this show is because Emily Thorne fucks up people in badass chessmaster-y plans and is awesome. Others messing with  her is nice and all, but let's not overdo it. 

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going by newest episode, I am guessing that REAL Emily will be following Frank to his current destination quite soon in one way or another, I doubt Amanda!Emily will let her walk around freely and its obvious we are transitioning into some sort of Tyler storyline, so I am guessing  before the scenes at the start of pilot episode can happen, Emily!Emily and Tyler will net to get gonein some way(i still think that itmight be tyler who gets killed on the shore in Amanda!Emily's big event of retribution.



Also I just realized: The killer used the same gun Amanda-Emily  has the same gun that now has Daniel Grayson's fingerprints on it. I doubt that won't get used in some way.


Still wondering what might happen to make Amanda!Emily go to L.A for another revenge scheme. Emily!Emily running away there? something else enitrelly? clueless so far. 

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Also, even though i HATE the Emily!Emily...




is it that wrong to ship them?  (and yes I realize that Amanda!Emily is using  Emily!Emily like a carpet and counts her as nothing but  a tool or obstacle but still...)


They are like more toned down, less deep, a bit more evil fuffy :3 

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