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I can't wait to find out what is in it for Rumplestiltskin!

The way I see it he has been manipulating everything for a long time towards something - Cinderella storyline to get into that jail so he can make those two curse-related deals for example and he clearly has something to do with concept of emma(aka bottled true love).


Also he seems to have specifically placed Charming into his role so he could meet Snow. 

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So apparantly Mad Hatter will appear in two more episodes this season, while book, who wrote it and who is dr.whale will be very important in second.

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So, Ginnifer Goodwin(Snow White) and Josh Dallas (Prince Charming) just became an official real-life pairing. :3.


Also, second sneak peek of "Stable Boy" episode came out. Gods, this is such a perfect remedy from tvd trainwreck. 

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My reaction to this episode..


I did not see that coming.    


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-  Well this episode confirms that Mr.Gold is playing Regina(and to extension Emma) towards the outcome he wants. He is the true mastermind behind everything - the curse,  the cursebreaking deal, everything. -  REGINA, YOU POOR AWESOME YOU… :[ I guess that explains why you hate everyone’s happy endings. You did not really get your own… -  I do not blame Regina fro holding that grudge. Its not about logic or reason. In Regina’s eyes Snow White was the catalyst of the end of her love. And she  was. For Regina, those reasons WHY do not matter. Its the result that is there and she has lost what she loved the most. -  GODS DAMN IT WHAT A CLIFFHANGER.
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The end...OH. MY. GOD.

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I just started watching this show and it's awesome! I love it! Great actors, great storylines and the whole idea of the show is amazing!!!

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The end...OH. MY. GOD.



I did expect that to happen sometime soon because i was expecting gold to manipulate everyone and there was no other way for Mary Margaret to get out of her mess, but I did not expect it THIS SOON.


What's fun is that Mr.Gold upheld EVERY BIT of Regina's deal he made with her and STILL screwed her over:

Not even once did he indicate that plan he offered would succeed. Not even once did he promise te outcome. The things he promised did happen but with a twist.

And in the end the only one to realy benefit fromt he whole situation was Gold himself, having used both sides.


Its clear he wants the "Final battle" to start but I have to wonder on why. What is his masterplan that he has been enacting for at least a hundred of years or even more if Cora is Miller's Daughter (making Regina the Promised Firstborn) 


As for Regina and Snow White.

Snow was not just “the cause of the love’s death” for Regina.

Snow was also the symbol of her captivity in this unhappy “arranged marriage”(as well as reminder on why that marriage will never ever become happy), which began when she saved Snow White…

It all began with Snow White for her. Everything that went wrong in her life.

It does not matter for Regina that Snow is not really directly at fault at that. For Regina that does NOT matter. Snow White is a symbol and reminder that Regina will never get her happy ending.  Which certainly explains why her hatred grew and twisted Regina that way through the years. Its not just about what Snow did. its what Snow represents in Regina’s mind.

Which ironically led to Regina becoming the exact same symbol for Snow and almost led Snow directly the same path as Regina.

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Oh gods, the fandom rage over certain controversional spoiler is hilarious.

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What spoiler??? Spill please!
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