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So, Wet Paint just posted 10 clues about next ep and here's what I think.

1. A common, and hotly debated, fan theory about a main character is directly addressed. Does it turn out to be right? Our lips are sealed.

Frankly, no idea at all. There are way too many theories.

Maybe about Peter Pan being Neal?

2. Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) isn't the only baddie with major humiliation in his/her past.

That's about Cora hands down.  Eva has been a nasty hbic and the villain of Cora's story.

3. "Henry's never going to forgive that."

My first thought was - WHICH Henry. Regina's son or regina's dad?

If its the latter then it has to be Eva who says that as she finds out about Rumple and Cora and possibly blows the whole thing up to everyone leading to Cora and Henry having to leave the kingdom.  A very nice callback to what happened with Snow, Daniel and Regina.

If its the former. Then it HAS to be Emma saying that to Regina about Gold possibly dying.

4. One character questions his/her life goals, and considers giving up everything s/he's worked for. And no, we're not talking about the good character that goes bad.

Regina, hands down - She is already questioning her mother's love for her.

5. On the topic of a good character going bad, we have a feeling there's going to be intense debate about how dark that character has actually gone.

Snow White, hands down. She will most likely have some very fucked up way to get Cora dead, which will polarize the fanbase.

6. "No, I was able to do it. I chose not to."

So many characters this can be!

Regina to Snow, about forgiveness. Snow for Regina about forgiveness. Snow to Cora about the candle event back then in the past.

7. Speaking of choosing, a choice one character made in a recent flashback is revisited, with a twist. Will s/he make the same decision twice, or will s/he go down a different path this time?

Snow and the candle hands down.

This time she ends up using it, killing Cora and most likely getting Rumple's powers.Or something similarly dark happens and the connection is mroe metaphorical - Snow is doing something, Snow White would not have done.

8. Love can overcome anger and hurt in extreme situations.

Emma most likely. Either protecting them with her magic from Cora or healing dying Gold(hence her quote about him being family and her not letting him die at the start of the ep being meaningful).

We know her magic works through emotions, we have seen it already and it will happen again.

9. Someone gets a beautiful reminder of who s/he really is.

Gold most likely sends Belle's yellow dress to Lacey.

10."I didn't know you had that in you." / "Oh, I'm full of love."

Since the whole quote has a dark vibe(the first line is of surprise and second almost sarcastic) - either Cora or Regina to Snow as Snow fucks shit up.


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Okay, snow is officially the best character in the show.

I guess the next episode, Regina does something that makes the feud mutual and by the end of the season we will have the Dark One Snow. 



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No sorry.  Still Rumple.   He manipulates the hell out of everyone to get what he wants and no one has been able to stop him just yet.   Cora and Rumple truly did make an awesome pairing in a way.   They were both smart, ambitious, and in a way made out of the same material - but Cora was never a match for Rumple even though she did trick him out of their contract. Snow is just a pawn in a game of the wicked (but now she can hardly claim not to be wicked herself).  

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And that's not even him being his evil self.   That's just him being human.

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But the thing is - Snow is pretty much EQUAL to him right now in manipulativeness.

Sure he pushed her in that direction but EVERYTHING she did after that was all her. The idea to manipulate regina came TO her. everything was her own making. 

She is like, more competent and goal-driven version of Regina, with manipulativeness of Rumple. 






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Rose McGowan(my Charmed feels)...Cora...Regina. Amazing houre of television, too bad Cora had to die though. Sorry, but I still couldn't find any sympathy with Gold. I thought the phone call to Belle was pathetic, well I always think he's pathetic, even though it was a calculated move to get his son to forgive him. Regina needs to bitch-slap Snow a few times on the next episode. I won't be satisfied if this does not happen.
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So wish Rose could've been cast as more than a one episode character. I miss those ladies on my television screen.

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So wish Rose could've been cast as more than a one episode character. I miss those ladies on my television screen.More young Cora flashbacks will  be in S3. It already has been confirmed. 

Regina needs to bitch-slap Snow a few times on the next episode. 

i am actually expecting that this time the feud will end up being mutual - as in after the guilt trip Snow has and everything, Regina will do something that will make Snow go fuck this and continue down the path she has started going down - because just as we have seen with Rumple, Regina and Cora - the first step always gave them regret(Cora marrying the prince, Regina pushing cora into the mirror, Rumple killing the Dark One), but the steps afterward became easier and easier. 


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I actually cried my rumbelle feelings


Rose McGowan(my Charmed feels).

This! even though i am a piper person,

my initial reason of watching PLL was because of holly

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oh and another parallel between Hook and Charming - they both are otp with the floor.

Which makes Emma/hook even more of an otp



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