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I've got to epi 6. its been interesting. the Mayor is a great character.

prince charming... not that charming....


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Yes, Charming sucks. Rumple is more charming and he is evil.
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I sort of like the duality of Charming and David.


Charming is this totally nice guy with the heart in the right place, being thrust into the things he can't understand nor explain and drawn towards even more chaotic situation by encountering a woman in the woods and falling in love with her.  He is a fish out of the water, trying to always do the right thing with the naivety of a young boy, that makes him follow his heart. Thus he plows through the bizzare events surrounding Snow White and him by trusting in his own heart and hoping for best outcome. 


David on other hand is insecure and flawed. Its Charming without his righteous attitude, moral compass or sense of self-right.  He questions everything, be it himself or others. He does not have "memories", nor life. Everything feels "pasted onto" for him. He is struggling with this ridiculously strong attraction to someone who is NOT his wife and at the same time dealing with memory loss, ptsd, blackouts, bizzare murders and add to that now, conflicting memories of weirdness. 


Mary Margaret on other hand is dealing with this "wild" unrestrained feeling and her own capabilities and decisions she was unaware of, with everything going against what she thought was herself.  Suddenly life is not as simple , there are friends and enemies everywhere and she is doing all those decisions very unfitting for an elementary school teacher to do.


Its frankly interesting to watch both Mary Margaret to rediscover herself as Snow White (gaining more and more traits of her with every episode, notably starting to grow a spine this week and regaining the sense of self-worth) and David trying to reaffirm himself into Charming. 


Its interesting how both flashbacks and present time present us diferent facets of those characters, making them complex flawed figures and not just "goodguys/badguys" 

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Finally a FULL SET of OUAT upcoming episode titles


1x17 "Hat Trick" March 25, 2012 1x18 "Stable Boy" April 1, 2012 1x19 "The Return" April 22, 2012 1x20 "The Stranger" April 29, 2012 1x21 "Apple Red as Blood" May 6, 2012 1x22 "A Land Without Magic" May 13, 2012


1x18 I guess is Queen's backstory and how Snow White ruined her life.  

1x19 no idea because there's litterally no spoilers nor set photos available from it. 

1x20 is about August(maybe we will finally find out on what the hell he is and why the hell he is there and what hte hell he wants)

1x21 I guess will finish the Snow White Flashback, however modern-day plotline is ....wtfmindfuck. No indea on what the hell is going on and there's no info about it.

Really interested in finale title. It obviously refers to Storybrooke so I guess either something Emma does starts to bring back magic to to the cursed characters or something bad happens to emma(since Emma=True Magic)


Either way, I am guessing either Charming or Snow White(more likely) will regain at least partial memories by the season's end.

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I have a theory about August. I think he's Mr Golds Son. We know his son gets taken away from him to become a knight and fight. What if was a successful knight? He comes riding into town on a motorcycle. Like a knight riding in on a horse. 


I heard some people think he's Henry from the future. 

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I heard some people think he's Henry from the future. 

The writers outright stated that he is not henry from future and not pinochio.


Also we do not know that his son gets taken away. Rumpelstiltskin slaughtered those knights, remember?  We still do not know how it went after he gloated to his son about having no fear.

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Just saw the sneak peek for the next week. 


Sebastian Stan (Captain America, GOssip Girl, Kings, The Covenant) is a PERFECT Mad Hatter. 

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He is also mad hot! Sorry, random girl moment :)
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Just saw the other two sneak peeks.


I guess Hatter will be used to make Emma START to somewhat consider the possibility of that book being real.


So far he is downright scariest villain in the series. Actor plays insane and mennacing really well. 

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OH GOD...THE NEWEST FINALE poor fragile much awesome :3
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