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"Once upon a time, an evil queen banished all the fairytale characters you ever knew to our world..."

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Emma Swan, a lonely bounty hunter without a life spends days in Boston doing the usual - tracking down cheating men, insurance frauds, people who ran away from paying legal or illegal loans. But apart her job of finding and tracking people down, she has no life to have. No parents. And millions of bad decisions in her life for as long as she can remember, some of them still haunting her.

It all changes when a strange kid, named Henry, knocks on her door during her birthday, proclaiming to be her son. Emma, unwillingly has to bring him back to his hometown from which he ran away, Storybrooke. A decision which will change her life forever.

For Storybrooke is not just any town in Maine.  Its a town where time stands still and all its inhabitants, forever live their miserable lives, long since forgotten their lives of the past as a fairytale characters, having been transported there by an powerful curse placed by the Evil Queen, who did that as part of her revenge against Snow White.  

Unknown to Emma, she is a prophesized Snow White's and Charming's child, destined to upset the balance and break the curse the Evil Queen, now Storybrooke's Mayor, has placed upon the fairytale world.

Alliances are made and parallels are drawn as more and more is learned about both Then and Now as the questions arise... 

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Who knows the truth? And who  can break the evil queen's spell? 

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Trailer #1- No more happy endings Trailer #2 - Hope Trailer #3 - Rescue Me Trailer #4 - Good VS Evil Trailer #5 - Rave Reviews

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And now the pretty pretty Cast:

First of all you have Emma Swan who controls her own life, despite that life and her past sucking beyond telling. She is someone who separates herself from the others with an emotional wall and will never submit to someone else's idea or manipulation, rather opting for chaos. She might have not made any good decisions in her life, hell, her coming here might as well be the only right decision she ever made, but she is planning to never ever again make a "wrong" decision again, no matter what happens because of that. She is a perfect anti-thesis to otherwise controlling Queen, who wants everything to go according to the pre-set plan. 


You have a conflicted sheriff with a wounded heart:

You have a rightful but not so much, "perfect" but very very very human Prince Charming, who has far more backstory than his fairytale counterpart in the disney or grimm version of fairytales.

 pretty much legend of british actors, Robert Carlyle, playing one of the most morally ambiguous villains since well, long time in tv, Rumpelstiltskin/Mr.Gold.

Who also happens to be perfect foil to the Queen

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On other hand you have the queen and the princesses+red riding hood who embody just the right balance between "innocent" and "deviously manipulative".

You have a complex and currently still shrouded in a lot of mystery Snow White(despite the ammount of flashbacks she got), who is already among one of the most atypical and different interpretations of the character. 

You have an independent Belle who wants to be in control of her life and I am not quite sure what to make of her yet. 

You have the Cinderella who through her own vanity, short-term thinking and anxiety got herself into horribly bad things and same kind of desperation got her into even worse things.

You have Evil Queen who is quite a complex character and metaphorically is "emily thorne to Snow White's Victoria Grayson" But she is not Emily Thorne. Emily Thorne is still a borderline anti-hero. OUAT on other hand manages to have a revenge driven fragile character to firmly stand in the role of villain you can feel sorry for one second and hate so much more the next.

 And then of course you have Red Riding Hood who is...interesting and yet again unique interpretation and perfect balance between innocent and dangerous.

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Then You have pretty cinematography:

The show is VERY  pretty and VERY well shot and directed.












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 Directing and writing staff-wise:

OUAT has Jane Espenson who wrote BTVS episodes like "Band Candy", "EarShot" and "Conversations With Dead People"(not to mention that she also participated in writing the Season Eight comic books),  as well as battlestar galactica episodes like "He That Believeth in Me"  Edward Kitsis(lost), Adam Horowitz(One Tree Hill, Lost) as co-creators. Damon Lindelof( writer of Nash Bridges, Lost, coproducer of Star Trek 2009 movie) as one of lead writers. Liz Tigelaar ( Life Unexpected, Revenge) as consulting producer

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Overall pretty pretty.

If there's one thing I could complain about  is show's obession with apples. You just can't have devious situations without apples or some sort of apple related thing being in the scene.  Seriously if not for this show as well as couple of others, but  mostly this, I would be seriously raging right  now at all the idiocy that is about to happen and has been happening in tvd. 
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someone needs to get their eyes check,

most of the men here look like hobos

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any relation to Bella Swan??! beautiful woman, prince charming and the sheriff are alright.. the Sheriff looks like Hayden Christiansen(however u spell that).. il download the first episode tonight.


will let u knw tomorrow..

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any relation to Bella Swan??!

nope. Both are named after the reference to teh "Swan Princess" of the Swan Lake ballet,  but otherwise they are unconnected. 

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Its a fake surname. Orphans who do not get adopted to families, get to select a surname they want or get one assigned. We don't know what her real surname would be since we do not know the exact identity of Prince Charming, as well as his real name(since "Prince Charming" is a mock-nickname Snow White gave him after robbing him)

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Oh I simply love Jennifer Morrison!

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Oh I simply love Jennifer Morrison!

Yep. Its nice to see her get a great role after getting majorly shafted by writers on House.


I love the casting nad how they cast, the secondary lead, Snow White(Ginnifer Goodwin) very physically resembling her daughter.  


On one hand you have Snow White(Ginnifer Goodwin):




And on other hand you have Emma(Jennifer Morrison)




 Very good casting for physical resemblance.


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Just saw the sneak peak for the next episode, "Heart Of Darkness", which gives us a chance to see a bit of Snow White's personality without her love for Charming(which in the way gives us a peak into overall Snow White before she met him). Its quite interesting on just how similar to the Evil Queen she is without her love.


Makes one wonder on how the Queen herself was before Snow White screwed her over. 

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Ugh, I'm a fairytale dork especially with disney, and I already saw a few eps showing that they follow the disney tales mostly (well it is ABC after all, disney owned) I guess I'll follow up on it for spring break. There were like two episodes that didn't win me over, but dude was that Aladdin working with the Queen? LOL. I was also really bored with Cinderella's episode. I can't wait for Ariel

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