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Passion and Hush are by far the most epic BTVS episode, and I forgot about I only Have Eyes For You. GOD DAVID and SARAH were so amazing on that episode. 

David Boreanaz commentary on Passion was way beyond superb

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I thought it was very interesting in the Season 2 finale when Drusilla made Giles think that she was Jenny, so that she can interrogate him. It made it all the more saddening...seeing how relieved he was to see who he thought was Jenny but wasn't her at all.

Yeah, that part is...sad. Especially a completely drussila-ish insane follow-up to it as if completely desecrating that memory and Jenny's death.


As for Angel, first few S3 episodes answer that with perfect clarity :P


As for Spike, he returns for smaller(but quite important) part of Season 3  and then returns for a huge storyline(s)  in season 4. What he did between season 2 finale and season 4 gets revealed in bits latter on as its quite important for the plotlines.


And yes, it should remind you a bit, since :

Main characters of BTVS were inspired by main characters of tvd books. The basis of Buffy is TVD-Books-Elena, the basis of Willow is tvd-books-Bonnie,the basis of Drusilla is tvd-books-Katherine, the basis of Xander is tvd-books-Matt, the basis of Angel is tvd-books-Stefan, the basis of Spike is tvd-books-Damon. Even if its just the very basic premises(since btvs goes in very different ways than tvd books do), they might remind you of those characters. Certain characters of TVD tv show are sort-of inspired by BTVS characters. p.wesley got Steffan role for resemblance to Angel,  Damon is made to use similar or sometimes even the same one-liners Spike would and wear similar clothes Spike does. Not to mention TVD "took inspiration" from certain BTVS scenes too(like the close your eyes scene). 
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Oh the one with the ghosts at school?


I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it pretty much FORESHADOWS entire Season 2 finale as well as certain other things. 

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Btw i cried my eyes out watching season 2 finale ... It was just so damn sad :( one of my favorite eps of season 2 is definitly ' passion ' most shocking ep ever.

Agreed. It was one of big rude awakenings, BTVS LOVES to do.  Angelus "passion" monologue was quite epic too. 

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And there are a lot of small bits one would miss during first few watches... For example I never noticed that the Detective who visits Joyce in the finale about Buffy is THE SAME ONE as the one who handled Ted's case.

Or how Cordy in season 1 finale talking about finding it cute that that-side-character-who-gets-killed-in-same-episode defied her and how that relates Xander/Cordy in season 2.

Or what metaphorically did the "eggs" episode foreshadow... 

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@ kitanishi maybe i didn't pay enough attention, but now i'm curious, what did the eggs ep foreshadow ?
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Its easy to miss, but once one listens to what Buffy has to say about the whole egg-school-project-stuff it makes complete sense.

 Let's recap the episode and it will be quite clear:

There's a biology talk about sex dangers. To add some responsibility and teach about babies, pairs are made to  take care of eggs. buffy however was late to the class and is only one without pair now. She comments how its like she is a single mom who has to take care of a child and talks about the problems the "egg" would cause growing up. Then it is revealed that eggs are not exactly eggs and their true form is nothing like the egg itself.


has it dawned upon you yet? :P 

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OMG DAWN !! Lol never ever thought of it, but yes that makes sence :D
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Wow that does make sense and I absolutely loved the ghost episode...

is it just me or is Giles a little sexy?

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