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Gods damnit the amount of character development Xander is getting now? Fucking awesome. 

We got to see his inner thought son how he feels about the life Buffy brought upon him all those years ago:

WE have seen more of the death of giles scene and Xander beating up Angel in rage:

In present day we see that he is still not okay with buffy and still blames her for Dawn's dying condition:

and how hopeless he feels.


At the same time we got a new villain who is more of a gray morality kind of villain, than previous ones. He doe snot want carnage, or to kill someone, or to destroy the world. He just wants his life and love back. And Buffy took it away.


And....Xander just joined the villain team because he does not trust Buffy. 


 Oh and Willow is back, which is yet again factor of distrust:

Especially since Willow still has the whole black eyes thing - just without ever loosing control. Also her speech pattern is closer to the future-Willow we have seen:


So yeah, Xander is now a mole for the badguys and the distrust between the three continues:


Also they are going back to the Deeper Well, the old one prison shown in angel s5:




And yeah, Xander leaked the info about deeper well to severin:


And awww, spike came to be with dying dawn. FEELS:


And while bUffy is fighting the Council Of Magic on one entrance, Severin thanks to Xander is entering through the opposite one, without a resistance of anyone:



On other hand: the magical situation is getting worse as Vampires now no longer need invitations:


And Spike/Dawn friendship feels :[

 And Spike is recording stuff about Dawn so he does not forget her:




 On other hand: cat is out of the bag and scoobies are even more disorganized, mistrustful and hellbent on betraying each other with conflicting motivations:




"This won't be darker than season six", Whedon said.

"There will be a lot of moments of happiness", he said.

not darker my ass.






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Wow Red, where is gif spam of excitement?

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fawk yes if Whedon adapts S8 into 12 episode miniseries. That would fucking work and would allow him to tone down some of CRAZY he added there. 

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Oh sorry. Here you go

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Well, Slayer-Vampires are fugly as hell. 

Still laughing about the time-travel plan being complete fake though.



And now with Buffy being impalled, Illyria sacrifficing herself, willow trying to mess with stuff beyond comprehension again AND dawn disappearing, why do I have the feeling this won't end any happier than season eight ending? 




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Buffy fucked up the world again. Good job! Now we have invulnerable sun-resistant vampires by default. Good job! Dawn came back but is quite...weird. The First Vampire is dead Simone is dead Severin is dead. Illyria is dead. Oh and Giles's Vampyr book is now COMPLETELY EMPTY??? Oh and by the way, Dawn might hate Xander now...or Dawn might not really be Dawn.

"not darker than season six" my ass. 


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So YOU JUST KNOW the world is kind of fucked up if Buffy and your average vampire have to team up:

Best thing about Season 10 first chapter:

Worst thing about the chapter:

Dawn/Xander seems to be ruined forever as she is unable to forgive him for betraying them all


Xander is seeing hallucinations of Anya and is a wee bit mentally unstable.

Oh by the way? Remember that thing about buffy fucking up the world again?

True Vampires now are unaffected by stakes, sun or holy water.

Oh and now they can shapeshift into bats, wolves and wolves like Dracula and the vampires of old lore could:

Basically every vampire is closer to how Master was due to that vampire god that was source of all vampires. gipsy spell Dracula used was basically replicating the powers the true pure would have.

These now have it permanently without any spells.


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Damon: You know what they are? Children. Like lighting a candle's going to make everything OK, or even saying a prayer. Or pretending Elena's not going to end up just like the rest of us murdering vampires. Stupid, delusional, exasperating little children. And I know what you're going to say: 'It makes them feel better, Damon.' So what? For how long? A minute, a day? What difference does it make? Because in the end, when you lose somebody, every candle, every prayer is not going to make up for the fact that the only thing you have left is hole in your life where that somebody that you cared about used to be. And a rock with a birthday carved into it that I'm pretty sure is wrong. So thanks, friend. Thanks for leaving me here to babysit. Because I should be long gone by now. I didn't get the girl, remember? I'm just stuck here fighting my brother and taking care of the kids. You owe me big.
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