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@Bored Now, 

Thank you very much for the guidance ^^ I'm gonna start part-time work, and I'll get home very tired and late. I guess BTVS and OUAT are going to be the only shows I'll watch for a while. Hope I don't end dellusional from all the magic. xD

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@Nyny I don't know about the magic but watching Buffy is making me miss the 90's. When I started watching it I was like "what the fuck are they wearing?" and now I love their clothes and everything about those years. It reminds me of my childhood.

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I miss the 90's too. :\ I grew up watching Daria, the 00's kids won't have that pleasure. xD

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I wanted to ask you about Angel. You think I should watch it? I know that Cordelia is like the most important character after Angel and I LOVE Cordelia. 

Cordelia is pretty much a  lead character.


 But I'm not the biggest Angel fan.  

he is actually better and more likeable(well depends, since he is darker there) in his own show.

You have some of angel-broods-over-buffy stuff in first season, but its not that big of a deal and otherwise he is far more "unrestrained" and really showcases what a thin line is between Angel and Angelus.  There's also quite a bit of flashbacks to Angelus, Spike, their past, etc

And it's not the same without Buffy.

She makes a few appearances there, as well as other btvs characters, since some plots of BTVS carry over to ATS and vice-versa.

When I started watching it I was like "what the fuck are they wearing?" and now I love their clothes and everything about those years. It reminds me of my childhood. 

Its actually interesting to watch the clothing style and fashion in the progress, lol. And I'd still take Season1 90's fashion buffy, over whatever Elena is wearing. 

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If there's one thing I DO NOT like about Angel the Series, its the fourth season, which, frankly was all over the place and some plotlines were I absolutely hated. The show spent so much time throwing plot twists that season that some came out horribly. It was some of the best episodes in BOTH shows mixed with some of the biggest trainwreck episodes. 

Anyway,  A very good non-spoilery fan-trailer for ATS S1 that kind of showcases the mood of the show

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If you like Cordy, watch the first 3 season. Season 4 ruin her. . .

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Meh, S4 is great for certain other characters though. 


And I might forget Whedon for what he did to Cordelia because her "payoff" was still great. 

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Stavroula, you should definitely watch Angel. It has slightly a different vibe than Buffy but it is very good. Though i also disliked season 4. But I think season 5 made up for some of it.
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 But I think season 5 made up for some of it.




S5 of Angel is perfect epilogue to both shows.


I wouldn't even say it had that different vibe from buffy, to be honest. Its right on par with the mood of btvs s5 to 7(to the point that i'd say most of ATS is actually lighter and more morally-unambiguous), even though, i'd say BTVS has a stronger focus on characters

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