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More of Willow miniseries cover art ideas from the cover artist:



I just love how the whole black wings and snakes motiff continues to be in all alternate versions of his issue 1 cover. Perfect symbolism. 

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Still not trusting Giles aunts. Evne more so now, since they seem to know Whistler and both parties respect each other. And Whistler has some horrible plans, it seems and is working with Pearl and Nash towards something. 


In other news...



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And the info on Willow issue 2 came out:


Willow apparantly is travelling through dimensions separate from Angel's group(I am guessing whatever the whole Dark Willow freak out does, causes them to separate, with her going to another dimension and Angel's group returning to Earth to face Whistler and his plans

She is apparantly keeping her dark powers at bay, however her mysterious companion, Marrak, that accompanies her on the journey encourages the use of the dark power in her, as means justifying the ends kind of deal, to which Willow agrees to a degree, because she needs his knowledge to get through this realm. But how far is she ready to go this path?


Then we have . 16th issue of BUffy Season Nine:


Which includes Buffy having to deal with zombpire outbreak in San Francisco, as well as having to face Illyria who is back on earth.

And guessing from the cover Dawn plotline starts(since there are hints that people are starting to forget who she is, since magic is gone).


Angel and Faith 17th issue is all about


Ethan Rayne's last "gift", as well as the former slayers targeting Angel.



All I can say is that so far I really like this season more than previous one. The segregation into separate character-based books helps a lot to center the story around those characters and develop them, as well as at the same time connecting all the character stories into overall season storyline.


Really interested to see how we are going to reach the situation from "Time of Your Life", as at least Willow's journey seems to go exactly that way right now, with her using more and more of her dark power out of her own will.  

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And now apparantly we will have a male gay slayer named Billy. 

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The first male slayer and he is gay. Pretty predictable lol

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The first male slayer and he is gay. Pretty predictable lol

you do know that the only real logical way for a male to be a slayer is for him to be gay, right? 

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Please tell me you're being sarcastic
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how in the fuck did that happen why male slayer?

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Apparantly what decides on you being potential or not is dependant on the physical existence and is all about psychological identity.(its already hinted witht he whole "Buffy gets her body stolen" storyline as its implied that what makes her a slayer is in her psyche and not only in her body) 

The details are unclear for now but apparantly that makes those identifying with female side of themselves more than male, capable of being potentials, no matter the physical gender. 

Its quite rare case (since, for the lack of subtler words, there are very few guys "womanly enough" to fit that) and Buffy never ever noticed such thing possible because she, just like everyone else searched for potentials and Slayers by their gender, not their mindset. 


Still no one exactly knows how it will work or if its an isolated case.  

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And yet we have lesbian slayers. . . So no, it isn't the only way it makes sense.

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