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So, since the previous thread got thoroughly massive, IMO, its time to do a much more tidy thread :P 

Seasons: 7

Was Shown on: WB (now named CW) on tuesdays.

Airing years: 1999-2005 Storyline: After getting kicked out of school in LA, a young girl, Buffy Summers and her mother relocate to a little town in california called "Sunnydale". Here she forms a friendly relationship with two school outcasts, Alexander Harris, a complete lazy normal guy who casually fails at test scores and Willow Rosenberg, a "casual" nerd girl who is obsessed with learning and lacks any sort of confidence. Buffy tries to fit in and so on, but the past problems keep getting in the way. Past problems like her burning the school gym in LA, wanting to be completely normal or the fact that Buffy is a "slayer" - one person per generation with inborn instincts, reflexes and strength to kill supernatural creatures. She obviously wants nothing to do with that job and just wants to get her normal life back, but she might have picked a wrong town for that as Sunnydale, also known as Hellmouth, is the center of anything and everything supernatural in the world. And after mysterious and handsome young man, who calls himself Angel, warns her about just to where she relocated, things start to get bloody in town.Werewolves, vampires, witches, demons, zombies, ghosts, invisible people - they all are real and they all are both drawn to her and to the Hellmouth. And town itself, including people living here, have their own dark secrets, both old and new. And living here, she might find out a lot more about her "destiny" and the whole slayer thing than she would ever want to know. 


Main Characters:

Buffy Anne Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar)

Main character of the show and one of the most iconic female characters in history of television. Buffy Summers is rash, laidback and very outgoing blonde, who at first might appear to be quite dumb and impulsive, but deep within hides the mind fitting a general and manipulative capabilities fitting a courtesan. . (Katherine is based upon her)

Willow Rosenber(Alyson Hannigan) 

One of first friends Buffy makes in Sunnydale. Willow is a ditzy, clumsy, geeky bookworm, struggling with her life and insecurities and meeting Buffy has huge impact upon her as person and neither she nor Buffy know of destiny they share, nor Willow's true role in the things to come.

Alexander Harris(Nicholas Brendon)

One of first friends Buffy makes in Sunnydale. Xander is a normal, slacker-type geeky guy with no real friends and very empty love life, so he is obviously instantly charmed by Buffy's looks and personality. Oh and then there's the whole Slayer thing that is also totally hot.

Angel(David Boreanaz)

A Mysterious person buffy meets in Sunnydale. Angel seems to know afully lot about the town and what is beneath it and despite dangerous vibes Buffy gets from him, he and Buffy are inescapably drawn together by developing feeling. While calm and sincere on the outside, Angel has been struggling with his horrible past for quite some time and his past might just as well catch up with him eventually.(Stefan is heavily based upon him)

Spike(James Marsters)

A Mysterious person from Angel's past who crashes into Sunnydale like a hurricane. Intentions unknown and serious dislike towards Angel, Spike is danger personified.(Damon is heavily based upon him)

 Ruper Giles(Anthony Stewart Head)  

A new librarian at Sunnydale High, who has an intricate connection to Buffy's "job" and acts as her mentor and guide. However who watches the watcher, indeed, as Rupert Giles has huge secrets burried in his past, present and future. (Alaric is heavily based upon him)



Buffy Season 1 Trailer

Buffy Epic Trailer

BTVS - Does this darkness have a name Trailer

BTVS - What is a slayer trailer

BTVS Season 2 Fan trailer

BTVS fanmade Introduction/Trailer
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people will come and yell at you for this :)

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^ Meh, people just not care then:/

BtVS is just as relevant to a TVD forum, as for an example, what other work the actors do.


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Mrs Elijah Smith
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omg i miss buffy:(

i say get james marsters on tvd:)

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Eh, I want James Masters back on Torchwood.  Jane Esperson is writing for Torchwood this season and having her write for James (again) will make my Buffy heart very happy. 

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Jane Espenson :)

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Katanishi, you should check your facts before you say comments like these. Because actually season two had almost 1 million more viewers than season 1. ^^ Im proud of TvD. Haha i always try to get my friends to watch it, im so obsessed, I want it to get lots of views.<3

Ehh. Not too thrilled by current season of torchwood. They are trying way too hard to be "epic" and overdoing, well, everything. The only even remotely interesting thing is the serial-rapist thing and how life is pretty much a burden to him now.

I would like J.Marster to get to Ringer(which starts SMG :3) or Grimm(since it has Angel writers).

BtVS is just as relevant to a TVD forum, as for an example, what other work the actors do.

Actually a whole lot more. :P 

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I know, but to people who whine about it(probably because  they haven't watched it) i thought and think it is a good comparision. 

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people always whine, thats their nature, lol :P


And its very obviously hard to accept the fact that there are shows far superior than (in this case) TVD and that TVD only hopes to copy the scenes, ideas and success of those shows(in this case of BTVS) 

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I've heard that season 9 will be published soon.

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