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Yet another perfect episode!

Helena's character and parallels to Oliver are brilliant.  I know this ship will sink, but damn they are awesome. Its nice that there's someone who can directly call oliver out on his hypocrisy, because she knows exactly what is going on in his head.  Moira getting character depth and showing sympathetic side = awesome. Jack Barrowman's character is PERFECT at being a villain. He is like the evil a bit toned down version of his Jack Harkness character. Perfectly menacing, yet very charismatic. 
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I actually like the show... but after the first episode (which was awesome I think) the show didn't seem so exciting to me as I thought! And yeah I also immediatly thought of Revenge when I saw Oliver scoring out the name on the list...

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 Yeah it begins a bit simple, but then starts introduce various secrets and conspiracies surrounding both the town and the boat accident. 



Also its 2x hilarious for comic-book readers, because we know what roads certain characters will take and who will become villains, anti-heroes, etc, so its nice to catch all those hints and foreshadowings towards that. 



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And HOLY FUCK, was this a great episode.

So I guess, every member of The List has that notebook. Really can't wait to find out the signifficance of it, nor what is the purpose of that organization  Helena will clearly be back. And she was awesome this episode. Its great to see a person who does not particularly buys in into Oliver's bullshit, but at the same time is just as damaged as he is.  And yay! They did not completely nuke Helena/Oliver ship - she WILL be back and the show just twisted it into a typical dysfunctional ship. 



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So, Teen Wolf's Colton Haynes is now cast in Arrow, in quite important recurring role. 

I guess he is not coming back to Teen Wolf, now...



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Another PERFECT episode;

The identity of the second archer was not that much of a surprise, however it worked perfectly. The List has something planned in 6 months that will leave a lot of people dead. Oliver knows that The List is not just a list his father wrote, but something far more dangerous

Perfect episode. PERFECT.

I love that Oliver got his ass handed to him, it provides a more dangerous villain for him and takes away any idea ANYONE would have ever had of him as "gary stu/mary sue".

I still wonder on how the Island plotline connects to current events - there has to be a connection of some sort 





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I just love the realism of it, how the fact he has killed people isn't glossed over and no one is made look stupid and the police are actually competent at their jobs
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 Well while frankly it is NOT as realistic as it could be and has a fair share of suspension of disbelief(apparantly fingerprints, DNA tests and blood tests don't seem to exist there and before Oliver got the voice modulator, the fact that no one recognized him as arrow was driving me crazy), but yeah its still more realistic than a lot of tv show, even if for a fact that police seems to be actually somewhat competent



Talking about police, I am getting a feeling that Laurel's father or her best friend are being set up to get killed. NOt sure which one though - the father fits for a emotional motivation for Laurel, while friend's  death would also work(since they founded CNRY together and that whole law firm is one huge allusion to Laurel's future codename).

Bonus points on if Laurel blames Arrow/Oliver for that death. 



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Looks like Arrow is brnging in some fan fav actors. 

manu bennett, colton haynes. i say its looking good

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Well, congrats, Laurel's dad. Your daughter is already going all "screw the law" so what do you do? ONE thing that will make her lose trust in you completely and ruin whatever is left of your family. Yay for bad fucking parenting decisions. Then  all it will take is for either you or her best friend to get horribly murdered.

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