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i never remembered nick fury on those scenes. I barely remember Iron Man though

but maybe I was busy drooling over Thor and Captain America



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yeah i remembered samuel L jackson on Capt America but I dont remember him on thor.

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Avengers will also have post credits scene...with vampires :D

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ANNND, Year of Joss Whedon also marks the start of a new movie being filmed by him.


Currently titled as "In Your Eyes". the secret project about which NOTHING is known is supposedly a "supernatural romance" and is going to be one of "the greatest romance movies of all time" according to the movie's star (known for her role in Mad Men), A.Spencer.


Whedon showing those hunger games and twilight lame supernatural popcorn flicks how a real genius does it? YES PLEASE. 

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I always thought Nick would be a villian. I can't even look at him ...

And I watched the credits etc., but when i was in the cinema, the last scene with Loki being alive didn't show up. :X

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Also, this bit?






The man really loves his group shots. 


Any doubts I MIGHT have ever had about this movie are now gone. 

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I want to see the avengers. Not sure about much ado about nothing. I am afraid I'll end up comparing the characters to catherine tate and david tennant.
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"The Cabin in the Woods" is an immensly lame name though. Right there with "The Little House on the Prairie". It could be a good name for a kids morning cartoon though. . .
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