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I think Nina Dobrev's portrayl of Kathrine is much more well done than her portrayl of Elena. Kathrine brims with what i would call a sense of sexy danger, and she truly reflects a character with some serious issues up in her head. We have to give Nina the credit for doing a wonderful job with Kathrine (one of the best characters in any show, I think). As for Elena, I think she tries to present a somewhat humble and timid character, yet one who stands strong for what she believes in. In that respect, Elena is presented quite well by Nina Dobrev, but I can certainly see why some of you find her acting a little lacking. Even those of you who don't agree with how Elena is presented, you must admit that Nina Dobrev's presence alone gives the character a deep vulnerable beauty that is amazing to watch.

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she's an amazing actress

haters to the left.


(she plays katherine better than elena though. maybe she's better in more dramatic situations?)

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anne onyme

To sum up my opinion :

- Nina as Katherine : ROCKS !

- Nina as Elena : hum... no so much :/ But then again, is it because of the actress or the character itself? Guess we'll never know ;)

Nina Dobrev by herself : a very beautiful presence on screen indeed (it should be a crime to be that beautiful! lol)

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wow. crazy that this is even a discussion. I have been in awe of Nina's amazing acting ability since the beginning. when she found out stefan was a vampire, her fear and anger was incredible. When she broke up with stefan for the first time, her sobbing against a door was heartbreaking. Her chemistry with Damon, the looks in her eyes. You see the conflicting feelings that elena has yet to realize. Yet you see how strong her love is for stefan. and the way she plays katherine..evil yet misses her parents...ahhh...she is SO good!

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i think shes an amazing actress, i just think that elena as a character is a bit stiff and boring. if you look closely you can tell that elena has emotions and shows them but shes just a bit more reserved for certain emotions if you get what i mean? she acts tough on the outside and serious but beneath it she is hurting/cares.

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shes an AMAZING actress. that last funeral scene where she was crying looking at damon was just heartbreaking. i feel like all this season - the breakup with stefan, bonnies fake death and all her kat scenes have been so good. elena is just lame most the time unless something really epic is happening its hard to make boring dialogue compelling and exciting. but its necessary dialogue

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Yeah Nina is great considering she is so young. The acting of Elena is not so great, but we can all agree she definitely plays Katherine well.

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she is an amazing actress imo. she totally makes me believe that katherine and elena are two different women. i mean, you can tell who is who just from the look on her face. and i think that's very hard for an actress to do. and if sometimes her acting is not that good consider the fact that she is very young with no experience and that she works a lot. portraying two different characters is exhausting!

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I like her acting, but i love when she is Katherine. I think a lot feel that way, but IMO she does Katherine better than Elena. But maybe that is just because Katherine is muchg cooler.

But she does a fantastic job, and it is obviously hard to play 2 roles, especially when those 2 roles talk to eachother.

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I do not think she is a bad actress in my opinion she is really good and struggles to impersonate different characters,different women and thats all about talent.This girl is 100% pure talent and devotment and she is not cocky or bitching around about what she has to do.At first she didnt sign for 2 characters but it was like Surprise Nina!You will have to play Katerina and Elena now!And maybe miss Petrova in season 3..Dont worry sweetypie,you'll do fine.These things can dreive a person crazy,developing double-personality and no,she is very good.

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