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I think you are right : maybe the character by itself is annoying (that's why I think Elena doesn't deserve ANY SALVATORE BROTHER )

I am curently watching season 2 and I have to say that Nina Dobrev really impressed me portraying Katherine. So I guess she's not a 'BAAAAAAAD' actress after all... But I just think that a GREAT actress would have been able to make her character interesting no matter what. I can't blame her but look at Paul Wesley, for example : playing the good guy is not an easy task because he can easily become boring but I personally think that Paul makes a great job giving more life to his character...

Anyway, I'm now in peace with Nina Dobrev as the main actress. However, I wish Elena wasn't the main character XD

(sorry for my English again, I feel like I'm making a lot of mistakes ^^')

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I think she's amazing, and in The Vampire Diaries there really is no such thing as bad acting, just bad writing, so if Nina is making Elena boring, it is because the script says for her to be like that.

Of course you can be a bad actor as well, but in this case I bleieve that Nina is portraying elena in a boring way (I don't think so!) in order to highlight the contrast between her and Katherine.

Besides that I think she is brilliant! When i saw her playing Katherine in the bed scene with Mason, I didn't even think of her as Nina Dobrev... and that is world class acting.

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Nina isn't a bad actress even if she's not saying anything you can just see the emotions on her face (like on thursady's episode when damon confessed his love,elena didn't say a word but you could tell what she was thinking).She does a great job potraying Katherine and at the sametime playing Elena.I really think she's great as Elena,when its a happy scene she smiles,when its a sad scene she cries and when its an emotional scene she delivers.

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I personally didn't feel that her acting was very good when she was tied up and kidnapped this episode. What do you guys think?

 However, she was very good in the scene where she seemed scared infront of the elder (sorry forgot his name).

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Ok so I'm not going to say that I hate someone for speaking their mind but, I do think Nina does a great job and your right she doesnt show emotions at time but, it could be worse like Kristen Stwert in Twilight. But all in all Nina does a great job.�
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I agree, it felt forced in almost the entire "Rose"-episode and so did the scene from "The Return" where Katherine just cut of John's fingers and ran around the house, teasing Elena... Those were some weird movements she made but then again, who (in the real world) thinks about how they are looking when they just found their dad lying on the ktichen floor with blood everywhere :P

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I think that when Damon told Elena that she loved her , you could see the emotions in her face . She was like kinda confused but kinda not cause I think she knew that Damon has feelings for her but she didn't believe that Damon would ever admit that . And also I think that Elena was also a bit scared cause she knew that Damon is probably gonna compell her .

So I think that Nina does a good job !

I mean just look how she playd Katherine in the episode "Masquerade" , when Katherine was locked in the tomb . I think she was brilliant <3! :)


( I'm sorry for my English ! )

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ND as katherine is incredible. It's amazing how she can make you hate katherine so much yet love Elena. And ND is great at showing the struggle E is going through got her feelings for both brothers. Sometimes I do think she's not the greatest actress but I prefer her over Kristen Stewart Bella anyday. ND is so gorg.
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As Katherine, Nina does an amazing job, but as Elena... It's kind of bland. In the beginning, I thought she sucked, but she has improved as Elena.

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She really has improved. I've liked her since her degrassi days :) but since season one she has definitely improved from the what are you??" scene that they always show in the recap. That's so awkward lolllll
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