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actually i wouldnt mind seeing caroline go dark.season 3 humanized her way too much.she showed her vamp face for like 2 minutes in the entire season...she could be badass again.i mean, with everything thats happened to her in the past 3 seasons,its long overdue.she has always been strong and kept her cool but i can totally see her going crazy if this happens to her one more time,she'd lose it and go all "fuck this shit!im gonna go eat people and be awesome againn." xD. 

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I said it countless times that season 3 could make you even FORGET she is even a vampire, but on the other hand, if she goes loose I don't want it to be like a Ripper 2.0
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i can agree with you there.i want her to see what it actually means to be a vampire and and see the endless possibilites. also,i want her stop hanging out with the  damn scooby gang and getting tortured all the one gives a shit about her anyway.she could go  be with klaus and terrorize people.<3

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actually i wouldnt mind seeing caroline go dark.

Except that it COMPLETELY does not fit her character.

See more of her flaws? sure. Bring out some insecurities as things do not go as she wants, etc.  Make her more vulnerable at times, but not dark.

"Dark" is not in her nature. its not in her personality 

I said it countless times that season 3 could make you even FORGET she is even a vampire,  

Which is what makes her so great. She is in a way, Book-bonnie. Someone who NEVER lost her innocence no matter the horrible stuff that happens to her. Someone who always was positive and looked to hold on to her life and humanity.

That struggle against her insecurities, that positivity that comes with strength needed for such struggle  is what made Caroline so  relatable. Making her "go dark" would mean turning her into an entirelly different character, which does NOT work with Caroline. 

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She is in a way, Book-bonnie

I always thought that TVShow!Caroline was some mix of Book!Bonnie and Book!Elena. :)

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I always thought that TVShow!Caroline was some mix of Book!Bonnie and Book!Elena. :)

At first I thought that through the start of S2, but its quite clear that she is very different character form book Elena.


Book Elena, while she DID care about people, was also a complete unfeeling seriously cold hbic who would mess up anyone she did NOT happen to care about.


There is a similarity of them both being kickass blonde vampires but book-Elena was far more ruthless and, for lack of better word, Damon-ish(unlike bella swan elena of tv show)


Caroline I'd say is more of a mix of book-Meredith(strict no-bullshit moral sense and calling out on bad shit she sees) and book-bonnie(never loosing her innocence, etc)

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