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@Elena Winchester, lul you made me laugh so hard, seriously! The "I'll kill everyone you've ever met!" line breaks me, it was like the theme of this season.

Thanks. :P More like:


Dude: Ya mom


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dafuq couldn't you choose a series of more legitimate villains, such as Angelus, Dark Willow, Glory, that guy who played the Source,

THIS SO MUCH. Voldie is barely decent and the two others are, well, sorry but using term villain on them is insulting to actual villains.

Also you forgot The most awesome troll of them all - First :3




And seriously. Angelus trumphs over that shit.



As does Willow(I just love how in that scene everyone is wearing black)




ANd yesss Glory, miss her so much :3





 omg Rumpelstilskin is awesome i just finished watching half the season of OUAT Rumpelstilksin fucking owns!!!

Hands down best villain since long long time :3





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Why do all the villians have to be supernatural? OBVIOUSLY the best villians out there are Sue Sylvester and Sadie Saxton from Awkward. Seriously she'd break these villians in half with a single "You're welcome" :)

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BTW, to answer the question, Klaus and The Volturi (except the small blonde chick) do not classify as villians. The only thing scary about Lord Voldemort is his nose, or lack there of, so I guess he wins.
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Oddly enough, I never found Angelus all that threatening, he was a bore and I never bought his whole charade. Mayor Wilkins and Glory, those were some villians to be reckoned with, not to mention the Master :). But the all time best villian from Buffy, would be s2's Drusilla, she had the perfect mix of darkness and crazy.
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I'm back after 2 weeks outtie and THIS IS WHAT I SEE...........

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You wanna compare real villians try these on for size:

1. The Joker


2. Hannibal

3. Batiatus

4. Scarface

5. Freddy

6. Angelus

7. Spike

8. Moriarty


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 Oh god Moriarty is awesome. :3

Ledger's Joker on other hand would be way way more down in my List, way below Nicholson's Joker.  

And maybe also Spike when he was evil. And even when he was not evil.

The problem being with that is that Spike never was evil.  A romantic foolish poet playing a role, sure. But he was never malicious at heart since all he did, all he became, he did for Drusilla. Was he an antagonist? Sure, but certainly not full on villain. 

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Well he was william the bloody. So he was evil at some point. He was never as psychotic and malicious as Angelus however.
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Well he was william the bloody. So he was evil at some point. He was never as psychotic and malicious as Angelus however.

"Fool FOr Love" explained the "bloody" part of nickname.

He was William The "Bloody" because of his "bloody awful" poetry. 

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