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Atleast in season 1 and 2, you could tell them apart by more than just the hair.

In S1? Yes.

In S2? NOPE. There was a reason why Kat always had curly hair. 

They're hardly helping their actors by denying the fact that Katherine = Vampire Elena.Of coruse they are denying that.

Acknowledging that and playing off those parallels(ala what they did somewhat in S1) would be GOOD writing. Can't have that in TVD. 









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Yawwwwn..... And i was expecting some  buffy rant or some no relevant post  ,  about  someons  trailer on a show u watch and has nothing to do with this forum.


you my friebd are boring and predictable , Ahh yess someone take hsi keybaord away k thx, | WELL DONE SIR!!!!! , giles  rim engalnd Jim will give u a cup o tea  served of xanders ballz 

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JP and Carina need a reality check. KC is not the reason why i dislike this prengnancy. I dislike it because I think its juvenile writing.

ughh why did I google TVD news.

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They know that, I'm telling you the more cheetos and french fries you eat the more delusional you become 

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JP and Carina need a reality check. KC is not the reason why i dislike this prengnancy. I dislike it because I think its juvenile writing.Well to be frank and true, A LOT of the said rage does come from blind kc crackshippers. Just because you are supposedly rational in your hate, does not mean everyone else is. 

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lol have you read this?

We had always talked about, at some point in the series, dealing with a vampire pregnancy, but we couldn’t really ever figure out the science behind that and also didn’t want to break any rules.

haha okay

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um Just because Klaus knocked up Hayley does not mean they're going to go off into la la land together. I ship KC, but Clamille is his love interest and Hayley is just his baby machine. So why would my shipper preferences make me dislike this? The pilot felt like an episode of Jerry Springer. If that's the adult feel JP's going for, i'll pass.


@Flora. Exactly. They can't actually be thinking things are that simple. If a track works it does so for a variety of reasons and if it fails it does so for a variety of reasons. "People dislike the pregnancy because they're all KCers". Sure.





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@BR - yeah that's from the interview where Plec also thinks that EVERYONE loved S2 Elena. 

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 Well at least we will have another vampire show and this time with actual vampires. Dracula is looking damn fine and the pedigree of writers(The Tudors, Downtown Abbey) sounds good and inspiring. 


Also Bitten is sounding fucking better and better every second:

They are sticking to the tone of the books:


  “[laughing] No. It’s not for the sort of “twilight” audience. It’s a more mature audience. It’s a sexy show and it’s a violent show, and some of the touch stones we use for how we’re building the show is more like Sopranos/Sons of Anarchy where it’s a family with skewed morals but we’re on side with them.”


They are focusing on Elena first(ala the best part of the franchise) and not the other leads that come after her latter on.

“We’re just focusing on the four books that deal with this one character of Elena Michaels and this pack of werewolves that she belongs to.”

 They are sticking ~88% close to the book storylines(they just shot the rave party massacre scene)


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Don't care change her name lmao 

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