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Kol was Fukin epic 

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Oh please, kennett is the worst thing that can happen to the show.  Preach. They don't even look good together.   I second Kol is going to beat her too oh my bbby is hott he abused my ovaries in hd
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I trolled Kurenai's ask box just for the hell of it.


I can't wait for Kol to choke Bonnie next week.

LOL, Anon seriously stop being desperate *wipes tear*Damon has gotten aggressive with Elena and there’s still people who ship Delena. Klaus has gotten aggressive with Caroline and there are still people who ship Klaroline. Damon has gotten aggressive with Bonnie and there still Bamon shippers.TVD is a whole mess of romanticised abuse; so if Kol “choking” Bonnie out is suppose to upset me then …you fail royally. Besides who knows how Bonnie will react with her badass powers

So abuse is okay because Bonnie's "badass"?

Would it bother you if Bonnie hooked up with Kol after what he did to Jeremy tonight?

I like Jeremy depending on the season and the storyline. But Bonnie hooking up with Kol despite what Kol did is no skin off my back tbh.

This coming from the person who said she will lose all respect for Caroline if she sleeps with Klaus. lol

What do you think about the future of Kennett after tonight's episode? I think after we've seen how much of a psycho Kol is, Bonnie wouldn't go for him now. It would be OOC of her to fall for a crazy vampire like Kol.

But who said anything about falling in love. Kennett attracts me b/c of the whole release of inhibitions, the no fucks attitude, the selfishness, the passionate raw sex that would undoubtedly come. The living in the now. Fuck falling in love …how about falling in lust.

When Bonnie is ready to say fuck you to her friends that’s where Kol comes in and takes her under his wing. Shows her how to live, and how to be selfish.

I guess I can say for a more romantic approach Bonnie could teach Kol some direction amongst other things.

But I’m getting off topic, so to answer your question. I don’t think Bonnie falling love with Kol would be ooc even if she found out he was a psycho like we did (like I already knew). If you’re a good enough writer you could show a side to Kol that would attract Bonnie. 

Like say, Kol and Bonnie are both lonely. They’re surrounded by people (i.e Kol with his family and Bonnie with her friends). And yet they seem to be left out of the loop of things. And no one seems to want to take their feelings into consideration. They’re just another unused chess piece in the game that will be set to play when they’re needed.

Sounds like badly written fan fiction

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LOL. Although i'm the last person to ever become a Kennet fan, she does raise good points about the whole abuse thing. Abuse is a fucking cornerstone of any TVD relationship. At this point it would be wierd if a ship DID NOT have abuse.

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LOL. Although i'm the last person to ever become a Kennet fan, she does raise good points about the whole abuse thing. Abuse is a fucking cornerstone of any TVD relationship. At this point it would be wierd if a ship DID NOT have abuse.

This is not about what's wrong with abuse. You're right that all ships on TVD have all been in some shape or form abuse. However, it's about hypocrisy. The Bonnie fandom have been crying abuse towards DE/KC from the beginning. I remember a spoiler about Klaus going to Damon about a personal issue and someone said "I bet he asks Damon how he can abuse Caroline." And there have been plenty complaints about the way Damon manhandles Elena. Yet the promo of Kennett come out and they're brushing it under the rug and now saying it's fine.
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lol Kurenai is a cunt she's now currently on our askbox nuts

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I hope Kol survives... =sss

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Jeez you guys sound really pressed...

I like Bonnie but I doubt Kennett will happen. I just want her to have an interesting love interest, whether it be Kol or not. I'm interested to see what happens in that locker scene, though. 

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I will shave my affro puffs off  if this couple ever happen! Besides Elena going to have Kol killed right?

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I will shave my affro puffs off  if this couple ever happen   Holy shit. there's go all my fucking Pepsi, LMFAOOOOOO. I CAN'T.
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