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lol yeah,same here :)

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Ugh, the articles comments section is sworling with obsessed Damon fans...this is getting so lame.

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Why did I decided to check this thread !Elena's smile is gonna be hard to delete from my brain so creeeeepy !wow Nina !I am sure I will have nightmare tonight!
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Elena's cardboardness has been heightened! If she continues this path she'll be nothing but cardboard forever.
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Oh yes Daniel Radcliffe was an adorable looking kid. I wonder what happens to some kids who are adorable as kids and then grow up to be really ughhh...macualay culkin is a prime example.

I dunno, I used to fap  to both during my early age an saw them today, and would still fap to them. It's an acquired taste. Oh I like them pasty
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Daniel radcliffe haha! My browser history was overflowing with him a couple of years ago! Good times!

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