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Not to seem thick but apart from said "not letting him die" over 100 years ago, i fail to see how Stef has kept ruining Damon's life. I really can't see what Damon fans see. I know Steffy acts self rightoeus and all but how has he continued to ruin Stefan's life? If anything its the other way around for me. Wasn't Damon the one that swore a lifetime of vengence against Stef? And again i have to ask, HOW THE HELL IS IT STEFAN'S FAULT THAT DAMON JUST HAD TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE ONE GIRL THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN OFF LIMITS TO HIM? 

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Well, the way I view Damon has been a terrible brother to Stefan this season - and its not even about the fact that he slept with Elena - its the fact that he refers to this whole thing as something Stefan should not be "pissed about"  - that is what kills me and makes me hate Damon. Taking into acccount everything they have been through with Kat and how much they have come through together to overcome it and then this happens.  Damon by the way did not even take the time to talk to his brother about this - he was just like there I did it and deal with it. Even when he knew Stefan already knew he did not do anything about it, he just prefered to be a coward that is all and yeah, keep in mind that Damon is the elder brother.... 

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Okay, guys, unless you noticed, Bored Now just likes posting exactly the opposite of people's opinion so she(or is it he? anyway, who cares) can start another pointless fight. The only bad thing Stefan MIGHT have done is pushing Damon to become a vampire, too. And I say might because Damon could still fucking resist.

Ever since, Damon is trying to screw Stefan's life like his own depends on Stefan's misery.

And anyway, last time I talked to you, Bored Now, you mentioned that you don't even watch the show, so how about you find some new hobby? Because, you know, some people here are actually in for a good discussion about things, not for bickering with someone who couldn't recognize a good argument even if it hit them right in the head.

So yeah, kindly proceed to the thread for show you actually watch.

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^LOL,ikr,its irritating isn't it? :P

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ok it was wrong from stefan to push damon be a vampire but  if Damon wanted to die he could have deny wore the day ring and let himself burn by the sun!!!!!

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lol seriiously Karally, you have no idea how much he pisses me off


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Okay, guys, unless you noticed, Bored Now just likes posting exactly the opposite of people's opinion so she(or is it he? anyway, who cares) can start another pointless fight.Wrong. If you have noticed my opinion around all that shit never ever changed through last two or three years that I ahve been here. Its one of the reasons I hated Steffie so much in S1 - his high and mighty attitude. But back then I still held back, I expected some sort of consequences, some sort of flashback to see how fucked up Steffie was so he could  no longer be excused and whitewashed. Sadly the show never ever gave that.

The way S1 has shown it, is that while Katherine was the one to drive a rift between brothers, it was steffie who deepened it with his behavior in his evil state. Damon never truly wanted anything FROM stefan - through centuries he was fixated on his love for Katherine and getting her back, thus trumphing over his brother. That's the only reason he lived. 

S1 and S2(to an extent) Damon, despite evrything that happened and despite saying he does not care, has shown a great care towards Stefan, while steffie kept antagonizing him and trying to paint him as a badguy(while hiding his own messed up side from elena, like how he came back to threaten John with the vampire blood in the hospital) .

Damon might not have been able to admit it but he loved his brother despite all the differences, which is why I am so angry at plec for fucking up Damon's brilliant characterization during S2. He was PERFECT and best character in S1(with flaws and shit),but S2 made him into unlikeable mess and S3 - into a second steffie.  Steffie also had PROMISE to be interesting once the whole facade would fall apart, but that, also, never came. 

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ok it was wrong from stefan to push damon be a vampire but if Damon wanted to die he could have deny wore the day ring and let himself burn by the sun!!!!!he was living for total of ONE reason - Katherine. 

And it was Elena in S1, who brought him back into the light(metaphorically), making him walk in between the person he was as human and the things he did as vampire.

S1 Damon and DE were frankly my favorite aspects of the show, but plec fucked it all up in S2. 



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S1 DE is also  disgustin,, don't get me started with the Jerry Springer clusterfuck tht happened ons1


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S1 DE is also disgustin,, 

S1 DE was fascinating.

You had a vampire who gave no fucks(or said he gave no fucks) being affected by this girl who said she gave all teh possible fucks(yet in reality most likely just said that because of ptsd). They were two people who actually got each other and dropped their facade around each other - Elena would ease up and you would get glimpses of supposed "pre-car-crash Elena" and Damon would stop doing his theatrical interpretation of a villain and you would see the glimpses of that romantic soldier who ran away from the war.

They had "understanding" of who each other is, despite how they act when in front of other people - both were hurt and living in the tragedies of their past and only through the interaction with each other did they start to move away from that past - Damon moving into a more balanced flawed realistic person and Elena showing the glimpses of the supposed "Head bitch in charge" she was before the car crash. 



If they continued n THAT direction, building upon Elena's cptsd and showing her darker repressed sides, as well as Damon's lighter, they would have been continuing to be a very fascinating pair. 



 Sadly S2:

started the whole bullshit that the whole facade of Elena is REALLYW HO SHE IS, making her a total mary sue, while neglecting any character build up. Made Damon loose any sensible character progression and just stagnate between "angsty rapist" and "woobie" modes, loosing any sense of multilayered personality he had in S1. IGNORED DE and refused to build up any sort  of affection between those two. 



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