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and they ask me to respect Elena-stans when they act like this? I can't even take this people seriously, they're so eaasyyyyy for me to troll

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I think Paul doesn't have the charisma of Ian. Characters that shine on screen: Damon, Kol, Elijah, Klaus, Caroline. There's something about the actors that make them likable. Sorry but can't agree, if this was season 1 then I could still slightly agree but now no. Ian has stopped trying a long time ago, right now he is mimicking Damon and most of his facial experessions come off as cheap grimaces of someone trying to prove he is cool - look at Joseph for instance, KLaus as been getting horrible material over the past season and a half but still JoMo gives his best and Klaus is just still cool. What Ian is doing right now reminds me of those high school QB moves guys do to impress high school girls, no wonder every time there is a video posted here or anywhere else where Damon says anything every fangirl looses her mind with Damon is so dreamyyyyyyy.....And as much as I enjoy Kol on my screen, he hasn't been given proper material either for me to say he trully shines, he is just something for me to fap about, sorry, but being honest here - cos I think he deserves better material than just coming in and either playing the bad boy or doing Klaus's or Becks' s dirty work. Same can be said for Candice, but its because again her character is not given proper material and no wonder she has been tagged as actig like lame Caroline season 1 version.
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I can't believe that I am the one to defend Elena, but if the bitch slept with Damon AFTER breaking up with Steffie, Steffie has no fucking right to complain or throw rage fits - she does nto owe him anything. 

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she does nto owe him anything. 


Well it depends. I'm quite unaware of how long it has been since they broke up till Damon&Elena slept together. It's not like it isn't allowed, but it's pretty brutal. If it has been like a month or whatever, i suppose it's fine. 

If it was the next day or something, Stefan is completly justified for not being cool with it. Although he should be more mad at Damon than Elena. But still, Elena shouldn't get out of it without some namecalling and without being told what a heartless jerk she is. . . But again, it depends on how long it's been.



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"how long its been" means absolutely jackshit. 

Steffie knew she has feelings for Damon.

She broke up with Steffie(apparantly). And apparantly it was a mutual break-up from both sides, not just elena breaking up with him. 

Its only normal she would go to a person she wants to be with, if there's one. 

Now IF she did it without breaking up with mr.Wimp, then yeah, Steff can bitch and whine, but otherwise, she is not obligated to care about anything he wants or doe not want









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I completely agree with Halde, my issue is not that she actually slept with Damon but rather that it happened almost the night they broke up - and she did tell him that she did still loved him but she did not want to be with him anymore...there is the difference because if she told him I don't love you anymore I want to be with Damon then yeah, that would be understandable....but since she didn't say that I think Stefan has every right to feel betrayed since that is how any normal person would have reacted if someone you love still left you with hope that love is not gone and then sleep with not just anyone but that person's relative  - that is brutal. But even if that wasn;t bad enough, Elena "kicked"out Stefan out of his own house and just to bang his brother half an hour later. Sorry, but from my point of view that is not justifiable. Even if its Elena we are talking about. lol.

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Still not seeing nay problem since she broke up before doing anything. If steffie did not realize that she has feelings for mr.rape, he is even thicker and dumber than I believed he is then, lul. 

AS for "kicking steffie out" - Elena is the owner of boarding house. I see no problem in that. 



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She broke up with Steffie(apparantly). And apparantly it was a mutual break-up from both sides, not just elena breaking up with him. 

actually, it was stefan saying "I can't do this anymore, elena" and then elena saying "i know". idek if she would've broken up with him at all if he hadn't said that.

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I'm back!  Sry about raising anyone's blood pressure with my 1:30p post yesterday framing Stef as the spurned lover better off without either Elena or Damon.  Kinda put on my Klaus coat and stirred the pot to see what floated to the top.  This is what I believe: TVD is not just the story of a girl torn between two brothers. It is the story of how her love for BOTH provides a path for their redemption.  Damon with his impulsive violent behavior when things don't go his way, and the guilt he feels after.  Stefan with his denial of his dark side, and his attempt to hide it from not only everyone around him but also himself.  The Salvitore brothers have had many lifetimes wallowing in the guilt and pain of their actions after being turn into vampires, with no personal growth.  Damon copes with turning off his humanity switch and Stefan copes with his denial.  Elena (through her love) is providing a path for each of them to heal themselves.

So the triangle of the beautiful compassionate girl caught between two brothers is not about an end game with either of them.  It is all about the journey not the destination and I don't see eternity with either Damon or Stefan as the point of the emotional swings. TVD resets the triangle not to piss off either fan base, but to allow the brothers progress on the path to continue.  Their growth will only come through joy of loving acceptance and the pain of rejection.  Unfortunately as F'd up as both of them are it's gona take a few times. Therefore Elena's love for each brother is always constant, but the "in love" is always in flux.  It's natural for fans to pick their favorite hero to get the girl, and are willing to over look his faults as the relationship pendulum swings back and forth.  When their guy is weak or f's up fans naturally attack the other side to shore up their guy.  Just maybe the point of flipping the triangle time after time TVD is trying to provide viewers a way past their bias enabler attitudes to one of acceptance.

F*** me what am I rambling about - probably just a story about a fickled high school girl and two vampires who love her and hate everything else!

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actually, it was stefan saying "I can't do this anymore, elena" and then elena saying "i know". idek if she would've broken up with him at all if he hadn't said that.WEll, that makes Steffie's emo rant all the more hilarious and unjustified, lol. 

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