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This Epi is proof that the Sire bond played a huge part in how Elena feels about Damon and Stefan. Yes, Elena had feelings for Damon but wasn't enough for her to choose him. She even said that her feelings for Stefan felt like a distant memory. 

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no acctualy it didnt ep 8 the witch clearly said the witchb has to have human feelings for damon vampirism only magnifies that she also said it dosent change feelings so no the sire bond affects actions not feelings

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@ Yes that's what the witch said, but explain the fact that all the feelings that Elena had in 4x01 being gone and feeling like a distant memory? You think if it was Stefan's blood who turned Elena that she would be with Damon right now? No she would be head over hills in love with Stefan still. How come only her feelings for Damon were maginifed when it's clear  she loves both of them. The sire bond has a lot to do with what all she's willing to do and feels for Damon. Again, she even said it that her loving and being with Stefan feels like an distant memory. Say someone eles's blood turned Elena.. like Caroline.. you think THAT Elena would have hoped into bed with her ex's boyfriend's brother after 24 hours? No. You think THAT Elena would have even let Stefan break up with her. It has EVERthing to do with the sire bond.

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Do you agree with the first person..

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I agree with the first
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lmao thinkin about all these makes me vomit

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Forget this stupid trainwreck of a midseason finale! Kol's comming back next ep!!! Watch the extended promo! Becka toooo! Yayyyy!

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what what show me lul omgg ogomgg omgg jfls;mfsfmwelkf



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omg omg omg omg omg kol

omg so pretty omg

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You didn't see?i posted a gif in Klaroline vs Forwood thread too lol
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lul i just realised that it was the gif when i saw the promo i thought some konnie freak made a gif lmao


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Lol nah,its legit.After so much whining,Klonnie fans are finally getting their wish.Good for them.

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