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The kiss is real the bed scene is a dream

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super elsi
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he f¨¨ing creeps me out but he is hot :)

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TEAM JASON ALL THE WAY!!!! Okay, so the canadian promo did portray Jason as some creepy Aria stalker, but it may not be what we think, which is what PLL promos do best; fabricating the plot making us think otherwise. We do not know a lot about Jason in comparison to Ezra, so I feel like weighing their pros and cons is far too early. Perhaps it is Jason's extreme physical attractiveness that makes me biased towards him. It may also to do with the fact that after the various things he has been through, it is refreshing to see him trying to grasp whatever normality he can i.e. having a relationship regardless of the number of secrets he wants to keep away. After seeing the promo for next week (a thousand times quite possibly), they have undeniable chemistry. The sort of forbidden fire of a student in a relationship with a teacher has been lost between Aria and Ezra, and it just seems so unpractical. Sure that could be said with Jason, but come on! Doesn't anyone want to see more of Jason shirtless? Ezra's cute and attractive, but it's too subtle. Jason appeals to some of the baser instincts that I'm sure we can appreciate. Aria will probably consider this choice; or PLL will become rather flat after this gradual hype. I just pray that this will reveal Jason's misunderstood character and if he does need help; I hope Aria is the one to support him. This is too good to skip out on!!!!!! 

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It has to be a dream... Aria seems like a smart girl, and she did ask why she couldn't have normal nightmares like regular people or something like that.

Besides that, the writers wants to tease us... sure Jaria will happen at some point but not yet just like the tomb dream with Statherine in TVD was a dream (for those who watch that show too).



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sure Jaria will happen at some point but not yet just like the tomb dream with Statherine in TVD was a dream (for those who watch that show too).

or the Damon/Elena kiss at pool table scene. Gosh, I got pissed when that ended up being a dream.

Haha but back on topic...I agree. Jason/Aria will at least not be serious for a while. Sure, maybe a kiss or two, and definitely lots of tension, but nothing official and explicit, I'm predicting at least, until around the season finale.

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gurlplz (=liarsunited)
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Omg YES BB I AM SO TEAM JASON!!! Also, I lyke draco as well. 

Also I hope you don't mind me adding to the title of thread. We shall make it an official one for this ship.

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OMG JARIA HFSKLDJFEPJFKSLJFD i love them so much :) oh and Draco is love. <3

i seriously hope they continue down this Jaria path, and get rid of Ezria forever - but that is obviously not happening.

also gp nice to see you here again.

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gp, no i dont mind, makes it better:) 


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Sadly, I don't think Jaria will ever happen. The executive producer only replies to Ezria fans on twitter. Nothing about Jaria :(( I really hope they give them a chance cuz they've got great potential.


Isn't funny that Aria has never had a sex dream aboUT Ezra but she's just meant Jason and the dreams are driving her crazy?? haha <3 them

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yeah but they might just make it a huge suprise for us yaknow..

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