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I think A is Wilden, in the psychologists report the year of birth is partly obscured by a post it im not convinced it is a 9 for 1994 it could be 1974 actually making A 33 years old. Wilden conveniently knew what the murder weapon was without page 5 of the autopsy (but then you wouldn't need this if you were the murderer). He also shows up at the most opportune moments Alisons funeral, makes a beeline for the bracelet in Hanna's bag, he also really goes for the girls over the destruction of the memorial (one bit of work that A couldn't take credit for) and A loves to be in control. Also A is really good, never leaves a trace if a 16 year old can pull that off its impressive but a seasoned police detective wouldn't find it so hard. I don't know what his motive is but I think Alison found out something she shouldn't have  so some how found herself on A's radar. I think that Garrett and Jenna are either just helping A along or they know that if A goes down they are going down too. Ian might have been involved but to A everyone is disposable.

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am still watching season one but i would like to give some theories:

my strong belief is that Jenna is Allison! they made sure to get the actresses with the same jaw line and nose tip!!! jenna may have died for whatever reason...

OR somehow Jenna and Allison got closer before she dies and Jenna ISNT blind and teasing all the PLL.

OR Allison kept a diary that someone is using agaisnt the girls..

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I agree with @DamonElena

It could've been Maya. Dr. Sullivan finds out who A is, and finds out that she/he once was her patient. If I can remember well, Maya smoke weed or something like that and she had issues about being a lesbian, maybe she was seeing Dr. Sullivan too. But I can't remember who is using the phrase 'NOISY BITCHES' !! Hell..

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Thats BS. How can Spencer and Toby be texting them, when their in the same room? im sorry but theres no way one of the main actors is A -.-

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Yes, it might have been suspicious that Maya returned in that particular episode, BUT; Emily was the one who called her, it is mentionef twice, I think. So i Think Maya had already been in town for a while. About the whole nosey bitches thing, i think A said that to dr. Sullivan before he/she broke in and wrote it on the wall. I believe our precious A made a mistake, fellow pll's. Even though I do NOT believe that Toby is A, but I do recall the girls stealing his file from his previous psychologist, and A does go to one... But I do not Think Toby is A, because he had that thing around his ancle, so he couldnt lea er The house, but A was still active at that point??? I can't Remember. Can anyone Else Remember what A did back then ?? What ever happened to that file the girls threw in the river, and A picked up ?? Phew, I wrote it all on my iPhone, what a nightmare!!!
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Hi everyone. I'd just like to make a point after watching the halloween episode and the mid season finale again. If you can try and cast your mind back to the very last moment of the mid season finale. In all the drama that was going on something very little but  very important  happened I feel. When it is revealed that Dr Sullivan is still alive and is talking to 'A' does any one remember what the waitress said? She said "How you doing pretty eyes, you want a piece of pie?" Now I know that the obvious choice is Jenna due to her blindness so I think this along with her previous history throughout the series makes a strong case for Jenna being A. Although after watching the halloween special I noticed that the only other character in the WHOLE SHOW that wears glasses of some sort is Mona. Coincidence that at the halloween party at Noel's house that Mona and Jenna became friends after Jenna rejected Alison's request to join her friendship group. I think that the producers of the show, have still kept Mona as 'A' as in the books but have added in Jenna for an extra twist as she is totally the opposite of her character in the books. In the books Jenna is nice, endearing and caring but in the TV series she's really horrible! Neverthless that's just my theory, i'm probably wrong but I thought I'd share!

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few things:

-i think mike my go to a place to help him w his problems and there the girls might discover about Ali's twin. (also in the same hospital, a stretch but hey, it's tv)

-i do think said twin is A based on the halloween episode

- and although, this is in the books, i think it might be twisted just a little to make it "different" for t.v. to keep us guessing since the producers said it would be different.

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Hey guys!

I do think that 'A' is a group of people it HAS to be. 


Its one person who has other people carry out his/her tasks without those people knowing what they are involved in.

Some things we know (right off of my head, not everything):

- 'A' has nice eyes as referenced in the finale episode where the waitress says "Hey, Pretty Eyes" as well as an episode in Season 1, where the lady who screws around with their bracelets says "My, what lovely eyes you have" or something like that...

- 'A' wants revenge as referenced in one of the ending Season 2 episodes where we see parts of Dr. Sullivan's notes saying "Feelings of Rage..." and such. As well as indicated by the Halloween episode when Alison receives a note from 'A' saying "Its my turn to torture you".

- 'A' is someone who seemed to be a constant in the girls lives. This seems apparent from the FIRST text the girls get claiming "I'm still here b!tche$ and I know everything". As well as his/her insight into the girls lives. We obviously know that 'everything' is waaaayyy more than what the girls are letting on. There are lots of flashbacks that we still have to see.

That's all I can think of for now...feel free to add to the list.Suspects:

Mona: Ali bullied her. Now she's popular, and friends with Hannah but still struggling to be the Queen Bee. Plus, she still fights with Hannah on occasion and remains distant from the girls.

Lucas: Ali bullied him, badly. He still hasn't let go of those feelings. He's been friends with Hannah whose broken his heart multiple times. 

Jenna: I feel like she's way too predictable. But she does have some serious issues. She's blind, mad, hates the girls, had something going on with Alison but we don't know what exactly. Plus, she's dating a corrupted cop with a bad history.

The N.A.T club - Ian, Garette, Jason, ???: We know they have a background in drugs. They claim to see 'all'. They make movies. Footage of the girls has been known to be recorded from all over, two of them are known to have bad relationships with Alison. Though we are still unaware of what Ali's relationship with was exactly. Also, Jason seems relieved to find out that he is 'not' Ali's killer but not shocked to find out that it was Ian.

The cop: I forget his name. But he's there from the beginning, unprofessional, and eager to get the girls jailed.

Melissa: She has some serious friction with Ali, as seen in the Halloween episode. She almost confesses something to Spencer. She helps Ian when he's hiding out without questioning Spencer and Ian's alleged death.

Maya: She shows up. Moves into the dead girls house. Dates Emily (who has written Ali a heated letter before). Disappears mysteriously by leaving her drugs out in the open. Comes back and is all weird. It is possible that something happened while she was gone.

Now I'm tired but obviously Noel, and the mysterious disappearing boyfriends Wren, Alex, Sean.

Oh and Ali herself. I'm sorry I can't remember what episode but Spencer once sees the back of Ali's head in her house.



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According to the last episode "The First Secret", I think they are going to do something with the twinsister of Ali. The story Ali told at the beginning of the episode and when they walk by that houted mansion, there is a car that says something about that madhouse. Where Alison's twin is sent to in the books. And maybe that is who Spencer saw in the window of Ali's old house, the back of Ali's twinsister. What do you guys think?

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But A is born in 1994, leaving the teory of Garret, Mike, Melissa, Ian, Jason, Ezra, Wren.. maybe I forgot someone. I would like it if A was someone we could NEVER imagine him/her being. That woud be a real shock :D

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