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After last episode I doubt that Meredith will end up being Chief Resident, she choose to do the Alzhimer's  trial over her mother's trial which would've given her tremedous advantange in the Chief resident race. Not only she would've had the Chief ear completely, she would gain tremedous professional prestige with it even more than the Alzhimers's trial.

If Meredith does get the chief residency, I think she is going to turn it down. I think Meredith want to be a mommy and work with Derek on the Alzhimer's trial more than being chief resident.

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i think Mer.... then Alex...then Christina......if George was ALIVE he would have totally won!

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i think alex will win the chief resident. consider the other competitors, he has tremendous counts: 

1, Meredith, she has eyes problem, maybe her doctor job is in dangerous, not even mentioning the chief resident. and also, she is on derek's Alzhimer's  trial, she don't need to fight the chief resident.

2, Christina, she will be a tough competitor, but she has her own trouble. she get hunt as husband. this family issue will block her on the way.

3, Avery, so far, we still don't see any excellent medicinal skill from him, but lots of skewing things. remember, alex's sarcasm" she just say you are a flower bottle"

4, kepner, a good trauma girl, but for the chief resident, haha, a little distance.

5, lexie, 3 years resident. not in candidate group.

besides, alex almost is a copy of Bailey. he grow up from low level, fighting for the real doctor style(ping pang ball story), working hard, living in trailer.....he maybe have bleed on his way, but nobody can deny he is definitely a awesome doc. and also, nobody can deny that bailey's big influence to Webber, and the Seattle Grace.

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I think its Alex because he's a gret doctor

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I think Alex will win. He deserves it, although I would love Cristina to be chief resident as well. They will be the toughest competitors, but Alex will win.

@Jose T, yeah, George would have made a great chief resident. I still miss him so much :'(

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I think Meredith would make good chief resident because of her calm nature and her all 

round skills.Christina should be made head of cardio first resident to achieve this and win 

harpa avery award for the Christina tech to fix heart valves without having to openup


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should be christina, why? because she's da best..alex is such a childman although is very good with kids , mer well she is getting cccrrazyyyy. But in the end i think who will win is April :( p.s. i'm still praying for christina :D

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If George was alive, he would have won. With George being dead, I think it will be April

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