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I noticed in the previews for the next episode of Grey's there will be a competition for Chief resident. Who do you think will win? I am thinking either April because of her strong organizing skills and ability to cope under stress or Karev because he is a good doctor who stands up for what he believes in and like Bailey will tell it like is.

Who do YOU think will win and why?

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I think it will be Alex cause he's a great doctor and he'd be a good chief resident, and he reminds me a lot of Bailey....

It's a shame George is dead cause he would kick everyones ass and he'd be an awesome chief resident!!!!!

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Eli :)

I think that Meredith deserves it most, she seems like she would be really good at it and it would be really nice for her.

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I think it will be between Mer and Alex but Alex will be in the end. I think Alex will be Chief of Surgery someday.

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I think that its a decision between Meredith and Alex. Meredith more or less has the stability on her side in the sense that even if she can be emotionally unstable she constantly acts as a professional. Alex on the other hand exhibits a lot of development as a doctor and over the past few seasons we've seen him go through different specialties that he excels well in. I think either of them will make a good Chief Resident but it might help Alex's storyline more if it's him.

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i think will be lexie grey and her sister mer

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Alex. I would love to see Meredith as the Chief Resident, but I jus dont think it would happen. Christina would have been a shoe-in, but since she just came back, Im not so sure it could happen either.

Alex has a tell it like it is, no holds bar, I dont care who you are attitude that is perfect for the job. Plus, it would annoy the crap out of Christina and everone if he was in charge!

Avery could have been a good choice too, but after walking out on surgery....I dont see them choosing someone who could just walk away.

@SillySloan I see your point about Kepner. I think if it was her. She would have a lot of trouble getting everyone to listen to her. It would make for a good episode or two though

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Kevin A. Zhang
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I think it will be either Alex or Meredith!

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Ellen Einen
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To me, Mer, cause she's the strangest. She can handle stress, she seems to have a certain autority. And actually people kind of respect her. -Alex, would be fine to. But I don't think everyone takes him seriuos.-April, I think she would be mocked with, I'm not sure. I don't think she's the one I would like to see in charge of all residents. In my mind I see her appologize if they don't listen to her, She has almost no autoroty.-Lexie: I don't think she's in the race. Cause she's a year lower, but she's got that memorty going on. So that would make her a strong canidat.But she seems to not take charge that fast. -Jackson: I find it weird that he's not been called, cause I would think he's a good choice to. But as far as it goes, I think he's not the best in aranging things.-Cristina: Well, she kind of just came back. So I'm not sure, if she could handle the prescure. But I'm sure if she's in the game, she'll give Mer a run for her money.

In my mind it's either going to be Mer, Alex or Cristina. I don't know sure who's going to win that race.

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I think Cristina will be named Chief Resident. She is back and this will keep her focused. And we see new interns. Scary thought that we are getting close to the finish line for this amazing tv series.

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