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Alright, so, where do you think everyone is headed?

We all Christina has declared CT, but so far, she lost Burke as a mentor, Hahn quit and really wasn't helping her develop further into CT, and Dixon, apparently, didn't SGH Board of Director's offer.

George was gearing up for Trauma, but since he died (maybe?) there's not going to be anymore developments in that area.

Alex declared Plastics a long time ago but he hasn't been studying under Sloan since season 3, and he's shown quite the aptitude in neonatal surgery, but with Addison gone, that department has been unmanned. Maybe he'll look into peds surgery since neonatal is a more specialized form of peds surgery, it'll still deal with babies (at least surgical treatment on them), and he's kinda good with kinds. Remember Abigal Breslin? Now that AZ is sticking around, maybe that option will remain.

It's Izzie and Mer that are still the mystery.

There is the obvious choice that Mer would go into neuro, but realistically speaking, she can't choose neuro as a surgical specialty. She did state she was going to remain in GS since her mom was a general surgeon as well.

Now Izzie? Hmm... she never really did state what she wanted to go into, but maybe she'll stick with GS if she survives.

What do you guys think??

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I think Mer will remain a general surgeon also.  I don't think she should go into neuro because it would be too weird with Derek being the best.  Too much competition there.  She has to have her own place to shine.

I agree with your prediction on Alex and Cristina but have no clue about Izzie and George.

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George would definitely be heading to Trauma (if he makes it through and can still be a surgeon), Izzie, I don't know, after her cancer maybe she will go into Oncology instead but that would be weird because she wouldn't be with the group anymore.  Maybe ped surgeon with Bailey if Bailey ends up doing that?  She and Bailey have a good connection, so I could see her following Bailey.

I think Mer will stay general surgery, like her mom, and like Lynn said because it would be too competitive with her and Derek both as brain surgeons, BUT she did come up with that clinical trial for Neuro, so maybe she will be a neuro gal after all.  Alex, I bet he will end up in plastics, even though he hasn't been doing much that way and did show good promise in Neo Natal.  Cristina is/has always been Cardio girl, even without a mentor, I bet she ends up there. 

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The thing is, realistically speaking, the gang can only go into the following specialities from general surgery:- plastic surgery- cardiothoracic surgery- pediatric surgery- surgical oncology- trauma surgery

From a real-world standpoint, those specialties above are sub-specialties of general surgery that are offered as fellowships post-residency.

Neurosurgery and Othropedic Surgery are not fellowship-programs, they are their own residencies so Mer can't really go into neuro unless she wants to start residency all over again as a neuro surg resident.

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but, this is a tv show, not real life, so they could do just about anything really...

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I think Izzie may want to go into oncology surgery...maybe she'll talk to the oncology resident they're casting for an episode of season 6, and be inspired by that person and by her cancer. Or, she could do general or neonatal surgery, since she showed a talent for that in season 2. 

Mer may end up in neuro eventually, because she's done so much work for that. She's been involved in so many of Derek's brain surgeries, and come up with the clinical, it makes sense. 

Alex will most likely do either peds or maternal/fetal/neonatal surgery. He's great with kids of all ages. 

Lexie, when she chooses a specialty, might choose plastics (inspired by Sloan), or perhaps neuro, though it's a little early to tell for her. I think she'd be great in peds, since she's so energetic and bubbly.

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Christina is def going into cardiothorasic surgery (she's always had a gift for that but she's also getting into oncological surgery a lot these days)

Alex is going into neonatal or peds surgery becasue he does really show a gift for that specialty

Mer is a tossup between general surgery or neuro

Izzie well hmmm......I do think she would possibly go into oncological surgery but she does get too attachted w/patients so she would be really good with peds (because protocol is always changing)

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Cristina=Cardio OR Oncology (Ever since 5x23 I've been thinking she might go to oncology.)


Meredith=General (because of her mother) or neuro (because of the clinical trial)

Izzie=General or OB/GYN (Addison said she was gifted)

Alex=Plastics or OB/GYN

Lexie=Plastics or general 


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I was just stating that the show does its best to stay true to the medicine as possible, but realistically speaking, Addison's profession is impossible to have at her age.

But it is a show, so they do take creative licenses: Addison is a prime example of that.

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So now that we're in season 7, let's see where our residents are at:

Mer: she's doing a lot more neurosurgical cases, so perhaps she'll elect neuro, though a part of me still believes she'll remain in gen surg.

Cristina: Not much has changed - still gearing for cardio, and with (finally) a cardio attending willing to teach and push her, not to mention going cardio-solo, Cristina's on her way.

Alex: Plastics is definitely out. Addie definitely brought this out in Alex, and with Arizona teaching him and Alex realizing that peds surg is elite, I think Alex has found his calling.

Lexie: Even though, as of now, she's a 3rd year, I think she'll still go into plastics. She's been saying it since ever, though with the drama that's going in with her and Mark, perhaps this will deter her?

April: Spunky little Kepner is all about neuro, though after taking Hunt's certification course, he sees a future trauma surgeon in her. Question is... does she?

Jackson: He's a hard one to pin down. He's enamored by Yang, and has been competing with her for cardio cases, but, does that really mean he wants to be a CT-surgeon?

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