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2-Alex and Izzie

3-Cristina and Burke

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Oh my people, I have a confession. Yes we all know Derek and Meredith belong and all, but did no-one else find Addison so loveable she was bearable with our McDreamy? I do recall a time of a rather unfortunate poison Ivy situation, I also recall falling in love with her that day! Anyhoo the list:

1. Arizona and Callie (I became loyal to the show when jessica joined in series 5)

2. MerDer ('Technically' they should be first, but the other two are still fighting for their love and I seriously dig that)

3. Callie and Addison (what a friendship, oh i love it!)

4. Hmmm I'm going with Meredith and Christina (the friendship! -however if they hooked up they would have insanely scary forgetful babies!)

5. Izzy and Denny (I would marry him in a heartbeat, oh where for art thou Jeffrey Dean Morgan)

6. Callie, Mark...(the friendship, it rocks!)

7. Arizona and Karev (I adore the way Arizona lured Alex into the 'hardcore' world of peds, and the way he told Callie he hated how she left for Africa. Best Resident Attending relationship!)

8. I think I'm slowly becoming a bit of a April and Meredith fan. (If Meredith says April is bearable now, then Heck!-I like her too! These two have comic potential)

9. Addison and Derek (DONT HATE ME LLOYAL MER-DER's UNITED! they had a few good times, what can I say?!)

10. I think I will reserve this spot for either Bailey and Eli or Teddy and Henry -either might impress me in the next few weeks...

I'm not a pizza fan myself, but I'd eat a CALZONE any day of the week!

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10.   Derek and Cristina (as friends duh)

09.   George and Izzie(as Best friends....didnt like when they dated so much)

08.   Callie and George before the infidelity...they were so sweet

07.   Addison and Derek- Sorry guys I liked them, they had some really great moments

06.  Meredith and Finn....UGH I just LOVED Finn, I really did.

05.  Izzie and Denny, self explanatory....wish he wouldnt of died!!!!

04.  Mer and Cristina Love their friendship, even though it's rocky now, they'll get it back

03.  Mer/Der self explanatory, so happy they are finally happy and not back and forth, and dramatic annoying drama, love them as post it husband and wife.

02.  Alex and Izzie- UGH I really wanted their marriage to work...So SO SO SO bad!!!! I was always a HUGE Alex Izzie fan from the very first season when I sensed the flirting, so for me their wedding was the ULTIMATE episode!

and finally

01.  Mark and Lexie- I Love LOVE LOVE this couple, idk how to explain why, but I just do. I love how lexie changed mark, and how sweet he is with her. I love everything about them, especially that last kiss they shared! HOT!!!


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4.Teddy/Dr. Perkins








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I will make this a top 5!

1- Lexie/Mark. Always be my favourite. Mark is my fav man and Lexie is my fav woman in the series, so you can imagine how happy I was when they started dating! 

2- MerDer. although their scene's aren't that good anymore, they will always have a special place in my heart.

3- Callie/Mark friendship. They are adorable together, although I think they would suck as a couple.

4- Christina/Avery. I know, this is terrible and never going to happen, and Avery is nog man enough for our Christina, but I just keep hoping (:

5- Mer/Mark friendship. I know, it's not that strong, but I just loved the way they first met and their "dirty ex-mistresses" talk!

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1) Christina and Burke - they had such chemistry, i truly miss him!

2) derek and addison - they were so greattt!!!

3) izzie and denny

4) mer and cristina friendship!!

5) mer and alex friendship (if further explored, these two would have phenomenal chemistry, the two characters are so similar!)

6) alex and izzie- she made him a man, too bad she left

7) george and izzie friendship

8) i would love to see a mer and mark friendship develop- the episode where the others go fishing, i loved it!

9) bailey and eli! -they are just too cute!

10) of course- meredith and derek! they keep me watching the show, i wish there were more scenes between them :(

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1) MerDer

2) Izzie/Alex

3) Mark/Lexie

4) Cristina/Owen


6) Bailey/Ben



9) Mark/ Callie

10) Izzie George

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Oh and my all time favorite


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1. Alex & Izzie

2. Mark & Lexie

3. Derek & Meredith

4. Cristina & Owen

5. Izzie & Denny

6. Callie & Arizona

7. Cristina & Burke

8. Richard & Ellis

9. George & Callie

10. Jackson & April (not a couple, but hopefully soon)


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MerDer- Best couple ever!!! Love them so much and I wish there's more of them.

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