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1.  Christina & Burke

2.  Izzie & Alex

3.  Meredith & Derick

4.  Addison & Mark

5.  George & Izzie

6.  Callie & Mark

7.  Lexie & Mark

8.  Elis Grey & Dr Webber


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1. Lexi and Mark

2. Derek and Meridith

3. Alex and Izzy

4. Izzy and Denny

5. Owen and Christina

6. Callie and Arizona

7. Baily and Ben


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Couples I love (or loved)

1.Alex/Izzie (I loved them together! I wish it had worked out )

2.Mer/Der ( After all they have been thought I am so glad they are STABLE and mature,especially Meredith)

3.Callie/Arizona (they are just so cute)

The others I could live without I'm just really passive about them @ this point

Friendships I love (or loved)

1.George/Izzie (they had the most genuine friendship on the show and I really miss them  HATED THEM AS A COUPLE!)

2.Alex/Mer (I really was thrilled on how Mer was helping Alex this season and how they always understood each other)

3. Callie/Mark (they have each other's back and are there whenever they need them)

4.Mer/Christina (I mean they have been friends since day 1 but idk they aren't in my top ranking)

5.Bailey/Callie (I love their developing friendship in this season especially after last episode)

6.Bailey/AZ (Honestly AZ and any female attending friendship is amazing she just has this energy)


Couples I HATE

1.George/Izzie (sorry never understood them and kind of ruined their friendship)

2.Alex/Ava (this was s4 ava but s3 was ok)

3.Lexie/Alex (I'm sorry but I don't buy them as a couple and I NEVER WILL! Alex needs a love interest outside the current Grey's cast)

4.Erica/Callie (Erica was a BITCH! nothing more)

5.Izzie/S5 Denny (I don't care if Izzie had a brain tumor it was just too awkward! They were cute in s2)

Couple I want to get together

1. Lexie/Jackson (I mean Jackson is so SEXY and HOT and they work well together especially if Mark/Lexie don't get back together which I wouldn't really care about)

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Couples i love :




3.Meredith&Derek / they are always great , but they were best at S1

4.Mark&Callie / i love them a lot more as friends

5.Izzie&Denny / loved in S2 , S5 it was a bit awkward


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Meredith and Derek

Christina and Owen

Alex and Izzie

Addison and Mark

Callie and Arizona

Mark & Lexie (she made him a better person)

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Callie & Arizona

George & Izzie

Addison and Mark

Derek & Meredith

Mark & Lexie

Christina & Owen

Izzie & Denny

Alex & Rebecca are still my favorite. lol I guess there aren't many people that are still fond of them together XD I don't know, I have a soft spot for her...I feel bad about her breakdown, and I still like to think that after receiving proper treatment and working through her issues that she'd be good for him.

What can I say? I'm an optimist. <3

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Always a fan of Meredith/Derek <3

Mark and Lexie- awesome chemistry

Had times where I liked Izzie/Alex together..

Love the Cristina/Owen storyline.. they just get each other :)

About Cristina and Burke, and I'm very biased now rewatching the old seasons. And I don't like them together. It's like they lusted after each other and she wanted/loved Burke only because he was a great cardiothoracic surgeon. They always fought and they were total opposites which made it difficult. Before Season 5, I was still upset Burke left cause I thought they belonged together.. now that she's with Owen, her relationship is much smoother, minus his PTSD and Teddy.. lol

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   1)  MerDer - Always <3

   2)  Cris/Owen

   3)  Callie/Arizona

   4)  Izzie/George - friends

   5)  Derek/Mark - friends

   6)  Mer/Cris - friends

   7)  Callie/Mark - friends

   8)  Bailey/Derek - friends

   9)  Addison/Alex - would have loved to see this play out

10)  Izzie/Denny (S2)


Derek/Rose - strike shortened season, they just all the sudded were ):


Callie/George - loved the beginning, hated the ending

Addison/Derek - liked Addison, just wanted Derek with Mer


Owens BFF Teddy w/Mark who is Derek;s BFF who is with Mer who's BFF is Cris who is with Owen


Alex with someone new

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1) Lexie/Mark - Couple ( wonderful chemistry; i want them back together and his daughter can stay away she ruined everything)

2) Meredith/Lexie - Sisters

3) Meredith/Derek - Couple(married)

4) Christina/Owen - Couple

5) Christina/Meredith - Best Friends ( the two of them are just too funny together)

6) Jackson/Lexie - Friends ( I would like them to be good friends)

7) Lexie/Alex- I hate them together ( this mix is WRONG )

8) Arizona/Callie - Couple ( just love them together)


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1. Meredith and Derek [ Always and forever=] They are simply meant to be, and after the crap they went though they are together, married and happy]

2. Meredith and Cristina [ Those two are incredible! They have always been there for each other through everything, they have their own language and can read each other's mind=P]

3. Owen and Cristina [ Because they are amazing and Cristina was never like this with Burke]

4. Meredith and Alex [ FRIENDSHIP!! They understand each other, because both of them have been through the same things in their life and crappy parents. They rock=]!

5. Mark and Lexie [ Lexie tamed the manwhore=P. I wish they will get back together!!]

6. Arizona and Callie [ They are cute]

7. Meredith and Jackson [ I really wish they become friends. They already bonded over being related to legends]

8. Callie and Mark [They were so hoott together.. I wouldn't mind if they would end up together even though I like them with Lex and AZ.. but their friendship is awesome and hilarous LOL]

Couples I hated together!

Addison and Derek [YUCKkkk.. They clearly didn't love each other anymore, Der was trying out of obligation and madly in love with Mer]

Plant and Derek [ Ewww.. McRebound]





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