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I'm just bored but anyways, who's your Top 10?

My top 10 is:

#1: Meredith and Derek... :)

#2: Cristina and Owen... :)

#3: Alex and Izzie... :)

#4: Erica and Callie... :)

#5: George and Lexie... :)

#6: Cristina and Burke... :)

#7: Bailey and Tucker... :)

#8: Richard and Ellis... :)

#9: George and Izzie... :)

#10: Alex and Rebecca... :)


So anyways... :) Recently, I went to Yahoo! and I saw the "Top 10 TV Relationships" When I opened it, Meredith and Derek were there! Yahoo! I hope Cristina and Owen will also be there.. :)

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#1: Meredith and Derek... <3

#2: Alex and Izzie... :)

#3: George and Lexie... :)

#4: George and Izzie... :)

#5: Cristina and Burke... :)

#6: Bailey and Tucker... :)

#7: Richard and Ellis... :)

#8: Cristina and Owen... :)

#9: Erica and Callie... :)

#10: Alex and Rebecca... :)


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I know! :))

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i don't think that Derek and Addison were the worst couple.. they were married for a long time and we only got to know the end of their relationship.. i think they were a great couple in the past..

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i'm sapost to be cleaning right now, my dad has a REALLY important work party tonight, so i'm just doing this!

                           MY TOP 10~~~~~~~~

1. MerDer, duh!=$$$$$$

2. Sloan-Callie=:)

3. Callica= <3

4. Izze- Alex=;)

5. Izzie-Denny=X

6.Derek-Addison= :(

7. Callie- Geogre= X|

8. Christina-Owen= never b together

9, Baily- Tucker=?

10. Richard-Ellis=???

Alex & Rebecca beat the top 10 worst! horrible!!

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So here's my top ..


1. Derek and Meredith

2. Derek and Addison (the past we don't know but we know the character and they're great together and they were married for 11years.. yeah we all know how it ended.. but it was good while it lasted.. they both admited..)

3. Callie and possibly Mark

4. Izzie and Denny

5. Christina-Owen --too diferent.. but might just work

6. Alex and Izzie.. i dont know he's better with her..

7. Bailey and Tucker - hope they make it..

8. Callie and George - the beginnig only..

9.Izzie and George - just horrible..

10. Alex and Ava- omg HORRIBLE


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Changing my answer.

#1: Meredith and Derek... <3

#2: Alex and Izzie... :)

#3: George and Lexie... :)

#4: George and Izzie... :)

#5: Cristina and Burke... :)

#6: Bailey and Tucker... :)

#7: Richard and Ellis... :)

Tied for I HATE THEM

-Cristina and Owen... :)

-Erica and Callie... :)

-Alex and Rebecca... :)

-Addison and Derek...:)


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1. cristina and burke <33

2. cristina and owen [he's so hot]

3. callie and mark [they'll be a couple soon enough :) ]

4. alex and izzie

5. merder

6. bailey and tucker [i hope they work everything out!]

7. addison and derek

that's it. i hateeeee

-hahn & callie.

-george w/ anyone !!!

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mmm... good question. haha can i just name the truly best couple in television history?


they've got sooo much chemistry

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1. cristina and owen

2. merder

3. george and lexie ('i ignore your rejection on my rejection')

4. alex and izzie (for the recent eps)

5. callie and sloane (erica can be such a dramaqueen (5.07 end)

6. richard and adele (ellis was a dramaqueen too (though..that's how i saw her))

7. izzie and denny (actally no 4 but unfortunately denny died :S)


that's it! no really really great couples anymore :( (in my view)

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