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Well this season has change my least favorite characters.

1.Jackosn used to like him not anymore

2. Owen, use to like him not anymore

3. Arizona used to like her not anymore

4. Callie used to like her not anymore

5. Lexie I still don't like her

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I am SUCH a huge Grey's fan, that I honestly like all of them....but if I had to pick 5 that I could do without I'd probably pick...


ummm.....yeah thats it! I <3 Grey's in good times and in bad!!! Love Love Love!

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Sadie-couldn't stand her


Meredith-don't hate but didnt really start liking her until 5th season she was always so whiny

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For this first half of season...

1. Owen. Hate him with a passion.

2. Teddy. Useless to no end.

3. Jackson. Another useless.

4. April. She's like the plague.

5.  Arizona. Bitchy bitchy bitchy.


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I forgot the name of the black lady in the show, who was with Derek and Bailey during Izzie's first surgery. I hated her. I hate insensitive doctors that just say negative things, even if there is nothing good they can say. She was so rude.

I half-dislike Arizona, and I used to dislike Christina.

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Meredith! She gets on my nerves, Teddy, booooring.....owen im wishy washy with....and im getting annoyed with cristina this season

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1. Hanh ... she was disgusting

2. Burke... ugh

3.Avery... love his face but he does not give anything to the show

4.Stevens... liked her until she found out she had cancer

5. Christina... i LOVED Christina's character from seasons 1 until this season. She needs to get back on track like ASAP!

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1) Teddy. She's totally boring, and I can't imagine she's going to last much longer on the show.

2) Ava. Totally annoying, and just kept Alex away from Izzie.

3) Sadie. She was like "oh look at me, I'm so bad and naughty and dangerous" ::GAG::

4) Chief Webber. There have been times that I've liked him, but he's so stupid. How many times does his wife have to leave him?

5) Meredith. I will concede that she's gotten ALOT better in the last few seasons. I think this is in large part because the show hasn't focused on her quite so much. But for much of the series, she's been unbearably annoying. I've never rooted for her and McDreamy, and she kind of even ruined McDreamy's likeability because he was "in love" with her. Why, I will never understand. She was always so whiny and devoid of personality. I also don't buy that someone like Christina would want to be friends with her.

I don't know why everyone hates Rose, but then again, at that time I hated Meredith.


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My least favorite characters are

1. Callie - I used to like her but this season she gets on my nerves

2. Arizona- also gets on my nerves

3. Teddy- boring

4. Mark- has turn wishy washy

5. Lexie- never liked her at all.

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